Hi - new member here - please listen to my stuff and give me tips :)

Dylan S

Feb 27, 2009
Hi guys,

I frequent a few other forums and I've been told by some of their members that I should check out this forum, because it's a lot more helpful in terms of recording metal and so on than the others I go to. So I look forward to hearing your stuff and you hearing my stuff, and becoming a solid member.

Anyway, I've been working on recordings for I guess about 14 or 15 months now and I mainly record death metal. Here is my latest mix with one of my older songs...
I used a Loomis Schecter with blackouts, going into my line6 toneport using the line6 stuff for both the amp and cab sims, which I then recorded in Cubase SX3.

I decided to try impulses for the first time today and I recorded it again with some impulses and I think it sounds way better. Anyone got any tips however? In particular for the drum sound...which is EZdrumemr (and I'm getting very sick of haha).

Here is a link to my whole soundclick page if you want to hear anything else I've done too guys. I'll be posting some fully done recordings of my band Celephai soon.

Incidentally...does anyone know how I can record a direct signal with my Dual Recto and then use impulses for that? Because I don't think it has a lineout on the back. Do I use the FX send or something?

Thanks guys. :)

EDIT: I think I posted this in the wrong place so if it should be in the rate my mix section, feel free to move it mods.
I am not sure. I know the cymbals sound bad but I haven't spent much time trying to make them right because I need my kicks and snares to sound better firstly.

I think the recording I did with the impulses has sufficient high end, but I'll mess with some EQ's on the guitars and see if I can get more high end in there without having too much fizz. One thing I liked about the impulses was that the high end wasn't as harsh sounding as the line6 modellers, and as a result, the line6 recording sounds much more dark because I got rid of all the horrible frequencies I didn't like.