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Jul 12, 2001
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Wow, this is a amazing band!!!! I just purchased their second cd, "With Vilest of Worms to Dwell" after hearing only the first song. I took it home and was amazed by what I heard. I have had a few days to listen to it and just am fucking in love with it. I think you guys will like this stuff. Its so atmospheric, and chaotic. I don't say this meaning its fast and noisy I mean that there is a lot going on in the music and it is executed perfectly. It is like very very symphonic melodic death metal. There is usually orchestra instruments playing, and it sounds like a real orchestra. Vocals are usually a low guttural rasp, but the vocalist is capable of achieving some spectacular clean vocals, and harmonies. Check these guys out, I don't think you will be dissapointed! If you are looking for a couple songs to check out get "Fire Upon the Blade" and "Woe to the Defeated". Tell me what you guys think, I think there are some samples on the site (www.hollenthon.com) if you dont have audiogalaxy or something.
Well I have not heard anything from the first album....
From the different things I have read most people seem to like the second much better, just more developement in the majestic atmosphere and the great things on that cd. I can't help you much on that from my point of view, but most seem to like the second better. Anyways its hard to believe that they could do something better than "With Vilest...." as a debut..... Thats my opinion. Let me know what you think if you get it, I would like to know!!!! :)
Someone on this board told me to try out http://www.darksymphonies.com they have both their albums on cd for 14 bucks, which is 3 cents more then cdnow, but I was told they have free shipping..so that is perfect if you do not want to wait to cut down on shipping..

I am going to pick up their new album from them...thanks for the heads-up morningrise
Indeed a great band, I´ve got their albums and their second album is a masterpiece. The first album was great but the second...is a must for every metal fan!!!

I actually was slightly dissapointed with "with vilest worms..." It's just not as dynamic as their first, i thought they'd push the classical/industrial theme further, but instead they just seemed to go more thrashier. It's still an outstanding album though...
He he I have found Hollenthon, Finntroll, Rakoth and Thales on this board! I love them all! Thanks gang ha ha