Holy crap! I just discovered Suidakra!!


May 16, 2004
Seriously guys if you like melodic death with heavy folk/fantasy influences or just classic viking stuff you have GOT to check this band out.... Very powerful stuff! I just found out about them, go to www.suidakra.com to check out 3 of their (complete) song samples. About 15 mins of music right there. It's under the "Releases" section on the site (the 3 latest albums have one song each).
They aren't too bad if you're in the mood for some fun, unharsh folky melodic death/black metal. And it's good driving music. I wouldn't say they are near the best at what they do, but some of their albums are worth owning if only for those occasions you need something lite to listen to.
You're not The_Real_Thraxz.

And just so I'm contributing, Suidakra struck me as being another one of those folk-tinged blackened gothenburg bands from the few songs I heard.