How do Kontakt 4 and SSD?


Jun 11, 2010
Belfast, N.Ireland
OK so i only recently got around to using SSD for the first time, and kontakt for the first time, and im really confused, basically im really happy with all the slate drums, they sound great, and i have the perfect kit set up for the album im working on right now, but.....

im absolutle clueless as to how to go about doing this, basically im routing MIDI channels into Kontakt to trigger the drums samples, which is fine ,but i now want to be able to have each SS drum on its own channel (outside of kontakt) so i can apply my own Reverbs, EQ's and comps etc, do i have to route each drum from kontakt to another audio channel and record that to be able to do so?

im just wondering how people here in the forum go about doing this? i know alot of you do use SSD any help would be great,

hope that makes sense,