How do I make my own drum kits from samples in this forum for Kontakt > Reaper?

Dec 16, 2010
Nubie to Kontackt 4 and Reaper
How do I make my own drumkits for Kontakt 4 > Reaper with drum samples from this forum (like SSD kits)?
go to the mapping editor... make a velocity layer by dragging all the samples you want to use onto a single key.

note: if you are using hard/medium/soft layers you need to name them appropriately or make sure that the order in which you are dropping them are contiguous.

you can also use the script editor as well as dfd settings to optimize your kit.

hope all that makes sense. ;)
You are talking about Kontakt 4, right Timislegend?

kontakt (in general).

2, 3, 4... they all use the mapping editor.

if you are using the kontakt player, you will unfortunately not be able to create multi sampled drumkits.

(as far as i know).