How many people have the Teargas EP too?

Here's all the Katatonia stuff I have :)

Elohim Meth (CD & LP...but some people FORGOT to sign it!) :(
Dance of December Souls
For Funerals To Come
Brave Murder Day
Sound of Decay
Saw You Drown (bought this from Napalm a few months ago and my friend from Michigan bought the last copy! HAHA!! :) )
Discouraged Ones
Tonight's Decision
Teargas EP
Last Fair Deal Gone Down

I'm missing the blue tape and the split EP with Primoridial. Other than that, my collection is virtually complete! :)
Hey Mindmorgue, what's the track listing on that EP? I wanna know. Not only for Katatonia, but Primordial as well. Both are great bands! :) Ever heard Spirit The Earth Aflame?

The Katatonia side just has 'Scarlet Heavens' on it, which is the same recording as the saw you drown ep (obviously this was released first)

The Primordial side has the track 'To Enter Pagan' on it.

I havn't heard 'Spirit of earth aflame', I do have 'A journeys end' which I think is the album before, which I like a lot, how does SOEA compare to that?

I knew Scarlet Heavens was on that EP. I thought they had more tracks. :loco: Anyway, as for Primordial, I haven't heard A Journey's End, but Spirit... is a very epic album. The band says that they won't be as melacholic as they were on the older shit, but Spirit was still fairly melalcholic and very epic too. The frontman has a powerful voice! :eek: I recommend it. I need to get some more Primordial. Quality stuff.