I bought in last weekend the IRON MAIDEN COMPANION


Iron In The Soul
Apr 1, 2002



by Marco Gamba & Nicola Visintini

is The ultimate Guide for the Iron Maiden fans and collectors. Featuring 400 full colour pages and 2045 (two thousands!!!) full colour photos. The monumental full colour artwork is created by Mauro Colombi and enriched by illustration made by Herve' Monjeaud, GertJan Vorst, Marco Gamba and all of the Iron Maiden graphics by master artist Derek Riggs. Cover illustration is an exclusive masterpiece by the renewed French artist Herve' Monjeaud. Just before announcing you all the matters of the book, I would like to highlight that you will also find several precious exclusive interviews to Bruce Dickinson, Steve Harris, Dave Murray, Janick Gers, Adrian Smith and Blaze Bayley and live unreleased shots by Italian photographer Henry Ruggeri.
The book is divided into four parts and 22 sections. Part One features the detailed list and description of all of the Albums (Section 1) and Singles (Section 2) released by Iron Maiden 1979 to date. This unbelievable amount of data includes info about format, country, catalogue number and release year, plus details about folding, cover features, labels and packaging. Just figure that these 2 sections feature 540 full colour images.

What follows is the full Maiden home-video catalogue (Section 3) and a list of 80 compilations in which Iron Maiden took part with one or more tracks (Section 4) with an additional number of 80 photos. Part Two invites you to a completely undisclosed world of collecting Maiden: Magazine & Books about the Eddie's boys. Iron Maiden Companion guide you through the massive load of printed matter dedicated to the band from UK to Norway, from Israel to Turkey, from Brazil to Australia, in a virtual trip around the world and through the years celebrating the brilliant ascension of the masters of metal. This book also give first chance to have a look at all the mags issued by the Official Iron Maiden Fan Club and other 'zines. And I'd like to mention that 530 images depict the Iron maiden supremacy over the years. Part Three features an extensive section about the set lists played by the band from 1979 to 2001 with single concert accuracy taking in account of minimal changes and important variations. Going on over the Live side Iron Maiden Companion features photographs and description of all the Maiden Tour books and a selection of most interesting and meaningful tickets of the band gigs over the years. Last but not least Section 4 of the third part portraits the widest list of official Iron Maiden tour t-shirts, containing 250 photographs of these amazing original pieces that brilliantly witness the pictorial power of Eddie and the band. Part Four covers the solo careers and the alternative stories of all the Iron Maiden present and past members. Albums, Singles, T-shirts, tickets and much more for an additional wild bunch of images and graphics. All related to Adrian, Blaze, Bruce, Clive, Dave, Dennis, Janick, Nicko, Paul, Steve. As we often said we believe in numbers: 416 pages, 2000 photographs, hundreds incarnations of Eddie, the largest ever source of information for the Maiden fan. Authorised by Iron Maiden Holdings Limited.
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