I feel like it's time to do one of these again. Post your bands.

Loren Littlejohn

Lover of all boobage.
Past projects are cool as well. I just want to hear yo sheet.

Links to actual music is best. I played drums in this little project (live only) with my brother, he recently moved so we had to call it quits. I played bass, extra keyboards, and some of the vocal harmonies on the record:


Last show live shit:

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Mine and Belac's project. Our free 4 song ep we did last May is in my sig link. Been getting some great reviews much to my surprise. :lol:
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Oh Egan i did not see that there is a video for Ghosting allready out. Nice!

Ok...my Bands...

2002-2010 i played guitar for the german deathmetalband NECROPSY, i know there are a lot Necropsy out there in this world...we did realize this to late with internet stuff :)
we did a few Demos..and we released 2008 one album called "Deathprayer"...was released in Europe and USA via Noisehead Records/Relapse (stay away from Noishead records guys...)
We split up in 2010...everyone had different projects going on...songwriting was all my stuff and i was simply bored out of Necropsy. We did one Promo after the album and before we split up. 3 really strong songs, but really bad sound.
At this time i´m thinking of re-record them in 2014 with really good sound and release them as a Split with some well known german grind band..(i will not tell the name till its 100% :D)
just for fun and i love these songs, not for re-union Necropsy or something. If you like to have some Necropsy stuff PM me...i know the 2 pressings that were made are sold out but i still have some copys.


last PROMO i want to re-record:

So know lets come to my present Bands, totally different. I don´t care anymore for Brutal or technical ;)

2008 - present DAWN OF DESPAIR somekind of Gothicmetal (i hate the word..)
we released one album our self so far called "Dead Heart"
At this time we have enought stuff for 2nd album, but it will need time till 2014 to record this one, our drummer is in Peking right now ;) but i think we really improved

two Dawn of Despair tracks:

also 2008 - present i play guitar for FREITOD i think some of you maybe know us. Somekind of melancholic Darkmetal with some depressive Blackmetal vibes..but not that much than in the past
We released two full length via Ván Records 2010 "Nebel der Erinnerungen" and 2012 "Regenjahre" also available as Vinyls! t this time we are thinking of a acoustic Mini 7" in 2014 and also working on a new album.
We will tour Europe in December with Mortifera (france) and Totalselfhatred (finnland)

Two tracks from REGENJAHRE:

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