I got my Tax cheque back.....


Oct 15, 2001
....So I bought a heap of shit.

Pod people - Doom Saloon: This is one hell of a fucking cool album. It's got more clean vocals then the other two but thats ok even if it did shock me at first. It has the coolest booklet ever(it folds into an inverted cross with a cool picture of hell and the devil and stuff)

Queens of the Stoneage- Rated R Mine was scratched and it was only 15 bucks

Tom Waits- Blood Money: This is good,oh so very good, I dunno why all the old Tom Waits fans are bitching about it,stupid whingey peasents.

Destruction- All hell breaks loose: This is damn good, the cover of whiplash is the best metallica cover ever. Thrash kicks arse.

and on vinyl I got

Judas priest- Screaming for vengence: I had it on cd but i saw it and wanted it.

Judus Priest- Hell Bent for leather see above

Judas priest- Point of entry see above

Judas priest- defenders of the faith: Didn't have it but I do now,cept i can't play it in the car.

A german marching band doing some german marching songs It rocks :headbang:

and a couple of shirts and shit there goes half my tax.
I'm happy but
I did my tax a couple of days ago.I am getting the grand total of $3.65 back this year.....just enough to buy one beer
However,in another shock this week i got a letter from the Tax Dept regarding my return for 2000 which it looks like my tax people screwed up so i have to give the tax man $500 which i was supposed to pay in 2000! :mad: