I just finished it!


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Nov 15, 2001
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K... I just finished reading the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy for like the 5th time. I've come to the conclusion that all we need for world peace is to somehow create Gandalf. and then destroy Osama Bin Laden's ring of power... and we're all set! woohoo!
That's great. I think we should just saw his nose off. It's terribly big.

Damn you, by the way, for never being online without your away notice. I got three new Opeth cds and I wasn't able to yell at you about it. :cry:
I'm sorry Jayde... if I was really here and I saw your name online... I woulda come back from away I promisE!! I'm so happy your collection is almost complete... next you have to conquer Borknagar and Emperor :)