I met slayer!!!


Apr 14, 2001
Tom is the coolest person to EVER live :) Paul is a very close second! Such nice boys, so very different to their music :)

Photos and more information will be forthcoming tomorrow hopefully, im off to bed, I have a rather long day ahead of me tomorrow :D

Slayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
I had to line up for 2 hours beforehand and then it took another hour for them to finally let me in, but I got to see them so I shouldnt complain....
They said we could only have 2 things signed as it was taking too long, so I had to limit my signings from all the albums plus the video cover to just the video cover and the new album, but when I met Tom, I shook his hand and he signed both of them, and I couldnt think of anything to say, it was TOM ARAYA! (I know, I sound like Im 10, but you just wouldnt understand unless you were there!)
He saw all the other album covers in my hands and he said "Do you want me to do them too?" I said yes of course, if he wouldnt mind, and he said no problem, whatta guy :D Then I snapped out of it and asked him if they were going to do much new stuff tomorrow night and he was about to say something, then he said "well, you will just have to wait and see..." he had a big smile on his face when he said it, so I presume they will. Which is good, because their new album id their best one by far IMO
I brought the forbidden album cover as well (thats Paul Bostaphs old band for anyone who doesnt know) and Tom was looking at it, surprised, then a VERY nice lady there told me she would take photos of me with the band, so she took a photo of me and Tom, I think Tom pulled a face, but im not sure, Ill find out when I get the photos back about midday. Tom is a legend, and a very laid back guy, he gets my man of the year award :)
So then I got to meet Paul, he was laughing that I brought the forbidden thing, and he started going through it pointing out where the photos were taken, and saying they must have reissued the album as he hadnt seen that one before, he was saying that some of the pics were taken at Dynamo and Tom was looking and laughing, then he signed my other stuff and I said thanks and and got my pic taken again....
Good old Kerry was next, he was wearing sunglasses for some reason. It was night. Indoors too. Strange. But anyway, I got to shake his hand and got a pic with him too.
Then I got to meet Jeff, he was wearing sunglasses too, but I think he was hungover, or trying to get drunk again, i wasnt sure which, he was drinking at the signing table too (A VB for those who care :D ) The woman after me got the beer bottle from him, signed and everything (DAMMIT!!), I should have asked him for it, he finished it right in front of me, but I wasnt really thinking straight unfortunately, anyway, he signed my stuff and I shook his hand as well. Ill never wash my hands again :D

Then I stood there taking photos until they threw me out for staying too long (Just as I took the last photo in the roll, talk about good timing!)

Ill post the pics later, the lady was really nice who took them as she had to do it 4 times, I must have thanked her about 20 times, as I wasnt sure how I was going to get pics done as I was by myself! Though I think im going to look like a dickhead in them as usual, as I didnt have my hair tied back and it was blowing a gale and raining before I got in there so I looked a right mess to say the least.

That was my Slayer odyssey, I felt like I was 10 again when I met them, it was really wierd!
Ive said it before, Ill say it again, Slayer RULE!
Now, im looking forward to tonight :D

(Apologies if there are any spelling/punctuation mistakes, I dont have time to look check it all!)
Very cool story Spawn, which I would be all the more impressed with if only I liked Slayer. I've tried to enjoy them, Lord how I've tried, but they just don't do a lot for me.

Now perhaps if they included a few Tori Amos covers in their live set... :p. Songs of hers like "Crucify" and "Father Lucifer" would be just their cup of tea, though I don't imagine Tom Araya could do them justice :).

:lol: I dont think Slayer will be covering Tori anytime soon :D
Though i will admit the names of those 2 songs sound like they come straight out of the slayer songbook!
Im still waiting to hear the cover of raining blood that she is doing too.....is it out yet?
It's on the album "Strange Little Girls" which is due out September 18. This is a covers album, with Tori doing the songs of Eminem, The Stranglers, Bob Geldof, 10CC, Velvet Underground, The Beatles and Slayer (amongst others) in her own unique style.

It's supposed to be "an exploration of the misogyny inherent in male songwriting" by reinterpreting them from a female perspective. Much as I adore Tori (and I do!), I have very mixed feelings about the idea. For starters, I think androcentrism, or male-centredness, is a more appropriate word to describe the thought process of the male writer than misogyny. *I'm* a writer and I don't hate women. I don't understand them at all, but I'm still quite fond of them ;).

Also, Tori isn't the most objective performer in the world, so there's a very real concern that the material will suffer because of the "meaning" that both she and some of her fans will impose upon it in order to make a point. Just have to wait and see I guess, though I'm planning to buy Alive In Athens at the same time. Wonder which will be played more often, hmmm?

Check out www.toriamos.com or www.thedent.com for more info.

Blimey, I don't 'alf crap on, do I?

I agree wrathchild, the idea is strange, how could a male write from anything other than a male perspective? Same with a female, she can only write from a female perspective. Why do people think so many heavy metal fans (the majority of which are male) relate so well to the lyrics of metal bands?
Because they are written from a male perspective (At the risk of starting a huge argument over what female fans listen to it for, I dont see too many female fans of bands as heavy as slayer).

I think Ive gone off topic again, it seems like Tori has misinterperated the songs meanings that she chose. How is raining blood mysoginist??

I do think that there IS a lot of mysogyny in heavy music, but thats only because of the nature of the bands.
I mean, you dont see anyone in a band like slayer that has a lovely girlfriend, happy home life and is popular at school (im just giving examples here). So they lash out at the things they perceive as being wrong with the world, and women are usually the first target (rightly or wrongly).
The fact that as soon as their band sells some records and are seen as being "cool" that suddenly all these women who wouldnt have pissed on them if they were on fire before, discover how much they suddenly like them/say they are good looking/want to be around them only compounds that

Did I make any sense then? I have a bad habit of making my rants hard to follow :)
I got into quite a heated discussion with a friend of mine when all this "Tori covering Slayer" business first came to light. I explained to her that I went into bat to defend Tori's honour while the rest of you lot were making jokes about period pain and such things :). This earned me the reply of "don't worry, I doubt most people on an Iron Maiden list would even know what the word misogyny meant."

Little did I know she was only kidding, so I went into a big rant about all the literary and historical references on Maiden and Bruce albums, as well as Mr Schaffer's thoughts on religion. I was trying (rather clumsily) to make the point that metal fans are "not all knuckle-dragging simians whose idea of a good night out is to get raving drunk, cause a brawl and then come home to beat the daylights out of their significant other."

I succeeded, but we've hardly spoken since... :cry:

Well, it was only good natured fun Wrathy, I dont have anything aginst her personally :)
I know what mysogyny is too, though I may look like a monkey :D
Haha, yes, she was, beautiful as ever <Sigh>.... :D
Her names Laura too, (no i didnt talk to her, i heard someone else talking to her when I was lining up past them) and by a spooky coincidence, Natalies sister is called Laura, I saw it in the paper, do you think they are related?
Yes, really, is that the freakiest thing you have ever seen?? :eek: :eek: :eek:

I just thought of something freakier, what if shes NOT natalies sister.........I should ask and solve this once and for all!