I thought I'd let you guys know first :)


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May 16, 2001
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It's getting busy at Elitist with yet another signing, this time from Hungary's Without Face. This board is the first to know :)

Their debut album (originally released by a Hungarian label in 1999) has just been re-released by Dark Symphonies and is well worth investigating. I believe they sell it for $10 on their site (www.darksymphonies.com). Check out an MP3 at http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/157/without_face1.html . I'd be interested in hearing peoples opinion on this band.

They start recording their new album next week, and by all accounts it'll be a stormer.


Lee B
They sound really interesting! Definitely
not like any other bands I have heard! :eek:)

I do not like the vocals at the start of "Hymn
to the Night", but that's just cause my taste
is weird >:eek:) The femalevox is different, and
the indian sound to it is very special :eek:)

I guess I'll get used to the vocals, cause I
really like this song, after the second listen!

I'll definitely check their new album when it's
done. Let us know when! >:eek:)
Honestly, don't like the vox Lee. Where did you find those gypsies? :confused:
Oh man... I thought that Without Face album was the absolute most godawful thing Dark Symphonies ever put their name on... what have you heard of newer material that made you think this was worth signing? heh

Get Hammers of Misfortune man... Hammers of Misfortune... :)
Get Hammers of Misfortune man... Hammers of Misfortune

I got the Hammers O.M. CD, but there's something about it that just doesn't click. I think the female vocals are the main weak point. The music is interesting and the male vocals are good (they remind me of the guy who sings for the Crash Test Dummies), but the album as a whole just didn't grab me. I'd give it an 8, and they have a lot of talent, but if I was them I'd ditch the female vox.

what have you heard of newer material that made you think this was worth signing?

The Dark Symphonies release is two years old. They have a new female singer, and I like the entwined vocals. Most bands of their ilk have a guy doing one verse and the girl doing the other, but Without Face have both singing at the same time in various harmonies. Mixed with the progressive power metal style it's pretty much unique to my ears. I personally think they'll do very well, especially in Europe. Give that album another listen.