Iced Earth is on the Judas priest tour!


Apr 14, 2001
Ok, most (if not all) of you probably wont care, but Iced Earth got the support slot along with anthrax on the U.S. tour for Judas priest, its like 20 something dates!
Which means WAY better exposure for Iced Earth, they FINALLY got the shot they deserve! (Well, id actually want to see them supporting Iron Maiden, that would be so awesome, but Im going off on a tangent here.....)
They had to cancel their European tour, so no DVD for a while it looks like, until they reschedule the tour, but I dont mind too much.
Anyway, I had to tell someone, and you guys were it :)
COOL! That's exactly what they need!!! You know how many Priest and Anthrax fans wouldn't even know who Iced Earth are? But they would love them when they hear them.
How long will they play for ?? I guess they would be the opening band and get 30 - 45 minutes ??
Great to see them finally getting some exposure in the States from a big Metal band. I think them missing out on suppourting Maiden last year had a lot to do with the band being with century media and not sanctuary records with Rod Smallwood. He's a greedy bastard :(

Hahaha , I just imagined Iced Earth Playing Dante's Inferno and then the Wicked trilogy and that would be the end of there set !!
4 songs ;)
Haha! I dont think that will get an airing for some reason :)
I think they will get about 50 minutes from what Ive heard, anthrax getting an hour then Priest however long they go for.
You are right about that smallwood, he is botha bastard and greedy.
Anyone else think that maybe Century Media is pulling thier fingers out to support Iced Earth now that they have signalled their intentions to go elsewhere, besides Nevermore they dont have any other high profile "underground" bands that I can think of (just remember, I didnt say they didnt have other GOOD bands, just no high profile ones!)
Holy shit! Iced and priest!


Damn I want iced earth and priest to come here. I reckon priest should anyway. I read on the website that they gonna try tour places they havent been before on this tour.....shit if hey come to australia :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

yeh ...thats great for Iced Earth ...but i'm a little 'Metal thrashing mad' ;) that we don't get this tour....i mean i'm 'screaming for vengance' ;) here ....ok i'll stop now