Iced Earth loses another member....


Iced Guardian was taken:)
Mar 27, 2004
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James MacDonough has quit ICED EARTH to become the touring bassist for MEGADETH. He has summarized the switch in the following posting (coutesy of

"Hey guys, A while back I had heard that Megadeth might need a bassist so I contacted them via email and much later got a response to my surprise. Before I knew it I was on a conference call with Dave (Mustaine). I sent in some video of me playing a couple Megadeth songs and I got a call a couple days later.

Everything with IE has been up in the air as far as touring so I told Jon (Schaffer) about this when I got the first email back and being my older bro, he told me to go for it. Unfortunately I won't be able to play with IE in the future because this will be a very lengthy tour, but we'll see what happens down the road. I am keeping in touch with Jon and maybe something in the future will happen.

Megadeth has always been one of my favorite bands and I have a lot of respect for Dave and what he's done for music, I feel honored to have been picked for this endeavor.

On another note, you guys should really hear this album, I know how picky you bastards are but hopefully you will really dig it as I do. It definitely will make a statement, and I say bastards affectionately. I hope to see many of you on tour again soon. Take care in everything you do,

or the new drummer... I think they are trying to break the spinal tap record of drummers
As soon as Owens' solo album comes out, he'll be gone, then Jarzombek will bail because no one wants to go down with the ship and Schaffer will get what he's wanted all along, to end up as a stay at home dad gimping around trying to keep up with a toddler.

The moral of the story: Don't be egomaniacal.
Hearing Dave say Jimmy was in the band on Headbangers Ball made me fucking smile. Better learn some leads and better break that bass back out Jon.

So who will be the new guitarist and bassist for the next album?
And who will replace them to go on tour when they leave?
So lets see....

Vocals: Matt Barlow, Gene Adams, John Greely, Tim Owens

Guitar: Randall Shawver, Larry Tarnowski, Ralph Santolla, Jon Schaffer, whoever the new guy is

Bass: Dave Abell, Jimmy MacDonough, Steve(Its not delivery its) DiGiorno, whoever the new guy is

Drums: Richard Christy, Brent Smedley, Mark Prator, Mike McGill, Richey Secchiari, Rodney Beasley, Jarzombek

Thats quite a few members thus far.

I really do hope Jon will let people want to stay in the band. It will only help him in the long run. He shouldnt have the "Anyone can be replaced" attitude.
I don't think it's Jon, it's the long hiatus that he has between records. Also the fact that, he doesn't have the band's input. No money, no publishing? I'd jump ship myself!
I don't think Tim will be the next to go, he's got a couple of projects to keep him busy, for now. Now if they go into this new record & he isn't allowed to write, he might jump ship too.
I don’t think that Iced Earth is going to call it a day…At least now.

I don’t know what is going on in USA but as far as I know Europe still supports the band. Here in Greece the limited edition of the album and the ep they relished was sold out in the first two weeks.

Still waiting forward for a live here….
…what really concerns me is the way the old songs are going to sound now with Owens…lets hope we like them.

We just have to wait and see