Iced Earth


May 1, 2001
Detroit, Michigan
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..Anyone like them?

I've been really getting into them lately. The store I work at had Burnt Offerings for 99 cents in the discount cassettes, so I picked it up expecting it to suck. Damn though, it rocks. Dante's Inferno has quickly become one of my favorite songs.

Also, I got "Something wicked this way comes" yesterday, though I haven't had much time to listen to it.

So anyway, what do you guys think about Iced Earth? And which of their cds should I invest in next? I'm sure I'll be getting them all's just a matter of in which order I buy them.
99 cents????? What's wrong with people?
Burnt Offerings is my favourite Iced Earth album. Dante's Inferno just rocks :D

They were my favourite metal band but I think Opeth have pushed them down to the number 2 slot now :)
The 99 cent thing was because it just never sold. We had a ton of cassettes sitting in the basement, so we decided to just get rid of them all for 99 cents.

I too am going to try and catch priest and iced earth in october. I'd really like to go, but probably wont be able to. I don't drive and don't have any friends that are into metal. Can be a pain in the ass sometimes.
I really like Something Wicked and The Dark Saga. Some great songs on those albums. Musically Horror Show is awesome, but the lyrics are just stupid. I cannot get into the whole monster thing. It just doesn't seem right to me. But Richard Christy's drumming is phenomenal on the album and the riffs are just killer. Very heavy.

N/P: Nevermore-Dead Heart...
I love Iced Earth! I have all their cd's, Burnt Offerings being my favorite. They're all excellent. The singers on the first 2 cds pretty much suck. Days of Purgatory is a compilation of songs off the first 2 cd's redone with Matt singing. Highly recemmended! I'm not as impressed with Horror Show as their previous works. There are some good songs on it but as a whole it just doesn't do as much for me. It almost seems like they were too hindered by the whole "classic monsters" theme and it kind of held them back from what they are capable of. Alive in Athens is one of the best live cd's I own. The sound quality is quite good and you can really see that these guys can really pull it off live. Matt's voice is just as good live as it is in the studio.
Hmm... I like Horror Show much more than I like The Dark Saga and Something Wicked This Way Comes. I thought the lyrics were pretty cool in a creepy sorta way... well, a couple were kinda cheesy. Jack would fit into that category I suppose.

Musically, it was much better than the previous two albums, which had a lot of songs that were sleepers, IMO.

But of course, that's just my opinion. :)
i only own Night of the Stormrider and i like it. It seems the others are better though, guess i should pick em up. Which one would you all recommend if i enjoy vocals that are the least heavy metal if you know what i mean ( less high pitched, not that i dont like that though ) ?
I bought The Dark Saga a while ago because I heard alot of good stuff about the band. I was never able to get really get into it and I ended up trading it in. The music was descent but nothing ever really caught my attention, it wasn't very innovative and all seemed kind of boring to me. And I wasn't crazy about the lyrics/concept. This is the only Iced Earth that I've heard. How do the other discs compare to this one?

When I'm in the mood for straight up metal with clean vocals I stick with Nevermore.:)
I like iced earth and im so sick of people saying that Horror Show sucks. I mean sure its not as good as burnt offerings but its good. They still got some great riffs and the drumming kicks ass (since its the former drummer of death). I know alot of you people wont beleive me but my guitar teacher tought Larry from Iced Earth. My guitar teacher was actually asked to be in Iced Earth but he turned them down cause hes going for another job i guess. But then he recomended one of his best students which was Larry. Its greatness ran over 8 times that i have him as a teacher.
I'm surprised so many people on this band like Iced Earth. I'm not sure why I'm surprised... I just am.

Anyway, I love IE. They are my second favorite band (right behind Nevermore). I think Barlow has, by a wide margin, the best voice in Metal. If there was ever someone born to sing Heavy Metal, it was Matthew Barlow. Just my $0.02.

Iced Earth is one of the best groups in my mind. I actually like them more than Opeth (Though they are VERY close) and I reccomend all their cds. Burnt Offerings is my favorite fallowed by Night Of The Stormrider and Horror Show.