Ignite Amps TPA-1 tube power amp plug-in released!

Wild Hades

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May 2, 2006
Update 20/07/2013

TPA-1 updated to version 1.0.1 for maintenance!
Whatever paltform/format you're using, make sure to download the new version, for increased stability and compatibility.

- Fixed bug causing Windows x64 version to not be recognized as VST plug-ins on some systems
- Fixed bug causing heavily distorted output on some DAWs


Hey guys!
Our long awaited tube power amp simulation plug-in is finally here!

The TPA-1 is a digital emulation of a class AB tube power amplifier for guitar. It has been designed and
developed to be paired with any guitar preamp (VST/AU or even hardware).

Its circuit is not based on any particular physical power amplifier, but it has been designed to have enough
versatility to range from vintage to modern tones, letting the user be free to shape its dynamic behaviour with
ease, without the need to be a tube amplifier tech.

Download it from our official site and make sure to read the manual carefully, to understand its more advanced features.



Enjoy \m/
TPA-1 updated to version 1.0.1 for some bug fixing.
If you were experiencing compatibility issues or heavily distorted output on some DAWs, make sure to download this update!