In Flames to tour with Slipknot

Ahw, I was all excited for a second when I saw the tour was of the UK. I'd have gone just to see In Flames and gone home before slipnot cos they are absolute crap live.

But now I'm really disappointed cos all the venues are really big statdiums which have no atmosphere wish they were headlining some smaller shows :(

When Slip Knot released there first album they didn't want to be metal or anything like that . Now there tryin really hard to be as metal as possible , maybe with a few years of practise they might pull it off . So you see , for people to think that they are metal , they have to tour with metal Gods like In Flames . Hopefully In Flames will rub off on em , and turn em into Metal Freaks .
WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!!!! In Flames... a really great fuckin band, touring with slipknot and american head charge. WTF IS THIS!!!! say it aint so in flames. Slipknot and american head charge are terrible. They should not be on tour with in flames. Period!