What the fuck has In Flames been up to?


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Jan 3, 2002
Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A.

hehe, I saw a cool show with em last fall...they did one song with the original line up...jesper behind the drums and so on...Mikael Stanne on vocals.
Real cool :p
I'm going to see em again this thursday together with the old Priests :p About the 8th time I see em :D
Yeah, it's terrible. Anyone seen the latest clip? I caught it on MTV.. yeah, you know that's a bad sign.

At least they know how to pick their chicks though :). The bass player is fuckin cool by the way, I caught them last year when they came around here (sat through hours of nu-metal openers, then In Flames' new shit just to hear some shit from Lunar Strain).
hmmmmm, they play about 50/50 live.

Yes, Björn played drums earlier to but before Björn joined Jesper played the drums. Damn when Jesper sat himself down behind the drums and Mikael Stanne entered the stage to sing that good old melodic shit, I got erected...

Anyway...If you want see a good liveact, you should see In Flames, It's sad to see what happend to 'em but still they have a really good liveperfomance.
Jesper impressed me with his drum work on Hammerfall - glory to the brave...I thought he would be just some sloppy, half assed drummer.

In flames are going through weird phases but the real question is
what the fuck is up with Soilwork now? the new one is even worse than the last. This is fucking bullshit.
Well...depends on where you put the line for old...real old like pre Jester is rare.
Maby differs from gig to gig, the ones I've seen have been about 50 / 50, draging the line at clayman. Ah well... 67% new on the later gigs.