Industrial Metal--specific


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Feb 17, 2014
I am looking for a specific type of industrial metal--I am coming here only after extensively searching youtube and without finding anything good. What I am looking for is music with slow, distorted but distinct guitar, with very dark, excellently composed tunes. The song that best exemplifies the sound I am looking for is this Rammstein song:

Just listening to this brings to mind rusted machinery and plodding tanks--I can't be the only one. I'm looking for more of this sort of thing, however all other industrial music I've listened to is too upbeat and electronic. Maybe what I'm looking for would be considered to have doom influences? Either way, any help and recommendations would be much appreciated.
Those are interesting, but they're somehow missing something--I think it's a distinct tune. They have a nice dark atmosphere to them, but they don't have a solid tune to really get into--that's one of the things that makes Rammstein so good is the way they actually compose some very good tunes, that makes all the difference to me. This classic also kind of shows what I am looking for--it's not really industrial at all but it has the same "vibe" to it. Maybe what I am looking for would be more considered doom metal--though most of that I have seen has the same problem, it's too sludgy and you don't have a solid tune.

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