Is Damnation going to be ALL acoustic guitars?


Sea of Tranquility
Nov 1, 2001
Anyone have info on this? I wonder if they'll use some electro leads here and there, that would be real cool, IMO. An all acoustic album....would be quite the unusual thing to get from Opeth, but they always offer their fans something different.

That's what makes them one of a kind.

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i believe mellotrons are early samplers/keyboard type thing...jpj from led zeppelin, i know used them in many songs...and steve played some on deliverance...listen in by the pain i see in others, you'll hear some i believe
Damnation, from the recent interviews with parties involved, will be mostly clean guitars (electric and acoustic) with some distorted moments here and there. It will be prog rock in a very 70's manner, hence the mellotron, but also because of the songwriting/production style. There won't be any death vocals. Martin Lopez said it's his favorite Opeth record so far, so I doubt it'll dissappoint.
I hope Damnation doesn't end up being like standard alternative rock and IS really really prog. It'll be very interesting, hopefully.