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Apr 5, 2003
Ok, if you don't own an acoustic guitar, or have knowledge of them and such, please press the "back" button, or if you are using Firefox, close the new tab. (Or close the new window) In other words, just get the hell out.. but I chose not to use such harsh words. Thanks!

So I bought a new Acoustic, it is a Takamine electric/acoustic... I didn't get to see what string sizes were available for acoustics, because as I bought the guitars, the guy said "I'll go get the strings!" so he ran, and I ended up with 2 packs of "light" Elixer brands... bastard got me the most expensive brand I guess... Don't trust old men at guitar center... Anyway I would have much-rather had D'arddio strings, like Opeth uses. In fact, I was purposely GOING to choose them because Opeth uses them, and I play many Opeth-esque rhythms in my music as well, and I wanted to make sure I got strings that would be able to do that kind of rhythm. So now I'm stuck with heavy strings that the guitar came with, they're too heavy for my close-to-the-neck chords... Can't quite hold them down hard enough on the whole neck. The Elixer pack is Light, .10 or something like that. Even the electric strings were .10, and I know for a fact that I use .9... so I hate that guy.

But the question is really, what size of Acoustic strings ARE available? I know Opeth must use pretty light strings... I didn't get to see what they had... I'm sad. :erk: I know this is somewhat less of an Opeth-related thread, but pleez don't delete it, at least until I get some info because I know a lot of musicians hang out at the Opeth forum, and actually would be able to answer the question about what size strings Opeth uses (of D'arddio)

Thanks.. :erk:
Just put the new strings on and don't worry about it. There aren't acoustic strings out there that aren't capable of playing Opeth-esque rhythms or whatever, you might have a problem with the action on your guitar being too high, but besides that it shouldn't be much harder/easier to play with slight variations in gauges of strings.

Generally I just go with one brand and gauge so that I can simply set up my guitar once and be done with tweaking it to my liking. I personally use Martin medium gauge strings, and Ive never had a problem with them. Don't worry too much about brand, just get used to something and worry more about playing good music or the music you enjoy.
Yeah, sounds to me that the strings are too high... .10's are actually still in the "light" category. I believe there should be a wide selection of different gauge strings by every manufacturer.
Well they may be high, but that is not changeable... They're set on a normal thing that can't be moved.. o_O
First off, I HIGHLY recommend Elixir strings (for electric and acoustic). They have a terrific sound and last FOREVER (which is especially important if, like me, you're on a budget). Different brands of strings are not going to increase or decrease your ability to play different rhythms. The difference between brands with respect to feel is negligible.

Acoustic strings are, on the whole, heavier than electric strings. Whereas on electrics a "light" pack generally has a .010 for the high E string, on acoustics you're looking at a .012. Most manufacturers make acoustic sets that run from .010-.013. You may be more comfortable with a set of .010s on your acoustic.
^ Those are the words of an expert.

And I'd like to add that if you're only played electric guitars before, you should know that acoustics require much more strength in your fingers, they are always heavier to play.
And one thing that came to mind (this goes for electric guitars too):
It never hurts to learn to play with heavier gauge strings. Thicker string usually improve the guitar's tone unbelievably. .09's are way too thin to produce professional sounds (of course depending what sound you're after, but generally speaking). I'd recommend .11's or .12's on an electric guitar, they give almost any music the extra "punch" or "balls" or whatever... .10's are ok if you want to play as many notes per second as possible.
Well I've recorded a lot of material using Xtra-lite strings on my electric, and it came out pretty swell... but I use a Digitech RP300A Multi-effect pedal that may give that extra punch you mentioned in the "sound department"...

And yeah, I noticed the acoustic is harder to play and requires for finger strength.. but I've never had a girlfriend so my weakers are weak, and I've used extra-light strings on my electric also... soo weakness... I'll take your word for it though on the Electric and try using the 0.10's, but as for electric I would like to drop to 0.10 if possible, rather than .12 or whatever it is now.. I can't keep saying "well im not strong enough to hold it down" and fukk up all my recordings and performances, heh. I gotta conform to what I can do I guess. :) Thanks guise!

And Elixers are coated with like, plastic. That can't be too good for the sound, eh? It would dumb down the string vibration and freedom I would assume... I'll have to try them out..
I use Elixirs and they are fine, the action should be able to be lowered a bit. Heavier strings do give a good tone, and will improve playing, but they can be bastards to use. The guitar and player make more of a difference to the tone I'd say and as Opeth use quality guitars and are brilliant players their tone is going to be better than us mere mortals.
Oinkness said:
And Elixers are coated with like, plastic. That can't be too good for the sound, eh? It would dumb down the string vibration and freedom I would assume... I'll have to try them out..

My current set I have right now are the elixir polywebs 12-53 gauge. Before that I used Martin Marquis 12-54 gauge. If you pay close attention you can hear the difference between the two, especially over a period of time. The polywebs are basically dead after about a month's use. I generally play quite often, an hour or two every other two days or so.

Personally I like the Martin Marquis. To me they have great tone and clarity (better than the polywebs). I've never tried he nanowebs, so I have no clue about them. I also try to stick with lights as well, 12s are just fine. But yeah, you should definitely experiment with different strings.