January, the month of metal

"You can all shower me with gifts, and I won't need to buy all these great releases."

Methinks the Blitz doth expect too much :).

For those who didn't know, first pressings of the new Priest album come with a DVD recorded in Spain earlier this year. I wonder if they can out-Spinal Tap the one in the box set?

The Donnas are playing the BDO as well. I wish they'd play my back yard instead. That'd be much cheaper and a bit more access-friendly :rolleyes:.

One of my most anticipated releases for the month of Janvier is Paul Stanley's solo album, written and recorded with help from Mrs Kulick's boys :headbang:.

Australia - Feb 10, 2005 is the release date for Some Kind Of Monster here :(

To be released in North America on January 25th, 2005, this 2-DVD set is jam packed with 7 hours of bonus features! They include:
40 Additional Scenes
Exclusive Intimate Interviews with Metallica about the film
Highlights from Festivals and Premieres
2 Audio Commentaries by the Band and Directors
2 Trailers and a Music Video

The audio commentary with the band will probably be funny as hell :worship: