JE1000 clones/ RR480 clone


Kissing In The Shadows
Sep 26, 2010
I am looking for a true JE1k clone, all the ebay stuff seems very "scammy" and none of them comes/looks as professional as the clone from RR480 made here years ago (of which I sadly only bought 1).

his selectability from either doing push/pull or seperate power button with just a jumper was cool and it felt very sturdy and professional.
I have bought 2 from this guy and they are great! No issues at all. Keep in mind he does use mini pots for the volume, but will also add a tone pot or boost switch, like the MM-04, if you want one. Have had no issues with mine. Pulled out my EMG ABQ and use this instead now.|tkp:Bk9SR8CgxOy9YA