Job Request: Mixing/Reamping/Session Vocals


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Jul 5, 2008
So like, I could do with the money and I want to get my name out there so I figured I might as well put some sort of topic up on here, figured it can't hurt.

Offering Mixing, Re-amping and Session Vocals here basically. I can also "Master" stuff, but I'd prefer if people took their mixes to others more qualified in mastering. I can get your level up to a pretty transparent -10db RMS, but I don't qualify it as mastering and I don't label myself a mastering engineer.

But anyway

Mixing - Variable Rates, contact me personally either through MSN or PM's.
Re-amping - 5 bucks a track (5150mkII through V30's)
Session Vocals - Again, variable rates. Contact me.

Examples of work: Master.mp3 - Mixed, Mastered, Re-amped and did Vocals. Final.mp3 - Mixed, Mastered, Re-amped Down Master8.mp3 - Mixed, Mastered, Vocals 4 Final forsneap.mp3 - Mixed, Mastered

If you have a project you're interested in having me work on, leave a comment in this topic and we shall figure some shit out :headbang:

peace and fucking.