Katagory V announce new guitarist and lead vocalist


C-C-Cool Beans!!!
I figured that I would do the honors in posting this little bit of news msyelf

The press release just went out so it is now official - Read below!

Katagory V hasofficially announced that the search is complete and a new guitarist and lead vocalist have been found!

Bassist Dustin Mitchell had this to say about the new members, "Without further delay, we are proud to announce the newest additions to the Katagory V family. Please give a warm welcome to guitarist Mike Theriot and vocalist Al Rybka!

"Mike had actually auditioned for the band several years ago, just after we recorded 'A New Breed…' and in line to get the call just before we acquired former guitarist Marc Hanson at that time, and now whom Mike is ironically replacing. So, it was the next logical step to get him into Katagory V. He is a highly accomplished lead and rhythm guitarist, has a ton of live experience playing in several 80s' metal tribute bands in the Utah club circuit, as well as briefly being called into duty to play in James Rivera's Sabbath Judas Sabbath tribute act. We are very proud to have someone of Mike's talent and background in Katagory V.

"Now introducing Mr. Al Rybka! Hailing from the winding city of Chicago, Albie has been honing his chops as lead vocalist for the band Bavmorda for several years. We actually first heard him sing several times, strutting his stuff on Karaoke night while attending the Progpower festival in Atlanta. Not only can he nail the classic Iron Maiden songs, but also does a mean rendition of Rick Astley! Haha! Who would have known he'd try out and get the gig!? Several singers submitted some great material for us to consider, but when we heard what Al was able to do with our older material, as well as some of his ideas on the new material written for the next album, we knew right away that he was our guy. He has a lot of gut emotion and passion in his voice, and a knack at finding the perfect melodiesthat totally captivated us. He is actually a fan of Katagory V, and his motivation & drive to be in the band is intense, and that is probably the most valuable quality we've wanted and needed in a singer for very a long time.

“With the line up complete, we will now dive head first into completing the next Katagory V album, as well as head out for a handful of one-off shows to break in the new guys.”

Photos of Al Rybka, Mike Theirot and the new line-up, can be viewed at www.Katagory5.com as well as on the bands myspace page.
Hi, folks,

I'm Albert, the new vocalist for Katagory V. I can't tell you how excited I am to be a part of this band. I've been dying to jump on this forum for a while now, but I wanted to wait until the announcement was made.

I'd tell you more, but I literally walked into my house twenty minutes ago after my flight back from SLC was delayed by five and a half hours. Now that I have an hour to get ready for work, I better get a move on. I promise to hop back on here as soon as I get some rest. In the meantime, anybody with questions or comments may fire when ready!

Stay metal. Never rust.
Congrats on finding some more than talented new members. Mike's an obvious choice and as far as skill goes, he plays rings around me. Very nice!

Al, I remember you doing the metal karaoke in Atlanta, although the memory is a bit hazy (the drinks are stronger in Atlanta than in Utah) it seemed you nailed the tunes and will be a perfect fit in Kat V -

Now to the real burning question. Do either of these fellows have a penchant for fine cheeses?

Looking forward to the new tunes, Dustin.
Al will do a great job for the band. Sacred Dawn and Bavmorda have shared the stage several times. Can't wait to hear him in Kategory V. Congrats AL!!!
Hello, again!

Hey, Marc! Just to let you know, I have nothing but love for cheese, be it in food or music! Let me know when I can sample some of your selections!

Hi, Lothar! Thanks for the kind words. Perhaps sometime in the future, the Katagory V guys can share the stage with you as well. It would be nothing short of sweet.

Stay metal. Never rust.
...it might be a while before everyone gets to hear Al in Katagory V, at least, in a recorded setting that is. For those that venture out to a live show, you'll get to see for yourself "The glory of the mighty Rybka".

For now, how about a video of Al doing his rendition of Dream Theater's "Innocents Faded". This was filmed at the Karaoke party last year at Progpower. Is he a good fit for Katagory V? Maybe this might help remove some doubts... if there are any. :D

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