Khariot - 'Esoteric' - PWYW album - Australian Experimental Progressive Death


May 20, 2012
Khariot (experimental progressive death - Perth, Australia) are proud to announce the release of the new album ’Esoteric’ on a pay-what-you-want basis, a digital-only release, now available at our Bandcamp
‘Esoteric’ is the evolution of the Khariot's experimental death metal chaos, implementing new sounds & songwriting techniques and linking lyrically and conceptually to its predecessor ‘Disymposium’.

Gavin Foo & Michael Rule, the 2 remaining members of the original lineup from Perth, Australia; have taken on all recording duties to provide 7 songs with their signature sound of duelling chaotic riffs, progressive odd-time signatures & polyrhythms.


1. Astralign
2. Hydra
3. Khatharsis
4. Infinite, Intrinsic Eye
5. Rephormulated Paradox
6. A Guilty Conjecture
7. Labyrinth
Artwork by Biholocaust

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