King Diamond


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Apr 16, 2001
Enfield, South Australia
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I've been reading up about his albums on Wikpedia lately, and while some of the horror-themed concepts intrigue me, I can't help wondering if the music is a bit on the silly side.

On a semi-related topic, one concept album I'm spinning a lot at the moment that's not in the least bit silly is "Tales Of Mystery And Imagination" by the Alan Parsons Project. Essential listening for fans of Poe's stories and poetry, and the sort of music that Pink Floyd should have released all through the 80s had they not been so busy arguing :rolleyes:.

Musically King Diamond isn't on the silly side at all, vocally it can be at times because of his super-high falsettos, but generally (particularly on the later albums) he seems to use it a little more sparingly and his high falsetto wails have more of a purpose and suit the songs well (his early ones he sings high too much I think).
The vocals are the one thing that concern me, but I'm sure my curiosity will get the better of me in the end. Them and Conspiracy sound particularly interesting, once I figured out that the former wasn't about giant killer ants taking over the world :).

Hmmm... maybe if I include some KD in that paper I'm yet to do about rock theatre and The Grand Guignol, I can buy a few of his albums and write them off as expenses.

Abigail is my fav' for the songs, but for concepts Them and Conspiracy are excellent. Just as a warning, the production is a bit dodgy on Them though, but try not to let that put you off when you check it out.
I think his best albums are the ones from Conspiracy through to The Graveyard (though everyone hates that one, I dont know why). I think the songs were the best and catchiest on The Eye, The Spider's Lullaby, Conspiracy and The Graveyard. Them has a cool concept but too much thrash and not enough atmosphere & hooks.
The mrs' has "The Puppet Master" and something else I think. Not bad - nothing got me massive into it though. I do like... just haven't given it a chance yet.

The DVD that comes with The Puppet Master is hilarious though - he gets so into it when talking about the concept.