Kiss for the Rock n roll Hall of fame petition

Cool Wayland!! Ive already signed the petition!! W e need to band together and get our voices heard. KISS was such an influential band to so many other musicians...even the Europeans. We need to do our part.

i have 3 KISS roadcases that were used from 1976-1995 for sale that i got from a private auction in NY. Any takers?
shipping is a killer.....but they are for sale if you want em....
First they need to be inducted into a "Merchandise Joke" Hall Of Fame.

Kiss went to the shitter after "Revenge".

To busy worrying about maketing Kiss toilet paper, and tooth brushes, to concentrate on writing more catchy 5 chord tunes.

BTW as a kid, KISS was my favorite band, so its not like I have a vendetta against them. Im just speaking the truth.
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Why isn't Rush in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? I think they deserve to be there over KISS. KISS suxxxx but that is just my opinion.

Jann Wenner, founder/publisher of Rolling Stone, is on the R&RHoF nominating committee. He has vowed PUBLICALLY time and again to give the least amount of exposure to Rush for selfish, personal reasons. The other committee members are not too fond of Dirk, Lerxst, and Pratt either. Kiss will make it in there before Rush does.