Laney VH100R - Old vs New


Sep 7, 2008
London, UK
So check this out... I just got my Laney back from my tech who has replaced some of the cabling inside, which has helped reduce the noise somewhat. Anyway... that isn't what has caused this, because the differences have always been there... but the old VH100R I have is markedly different to the newer one that I used to own, which is now owned by the other TNBD guitarist.

The old one is from: 1999 (approx) - faux-leather handles
The new one is from: 2008 - metal side handles

So I did a comparison with them. Just a riff looped, and put through each. The controls on the amps were matched as closely as possible. The microphone position didn't change at all. Mic'd the lower V30 in my Marshall 4x12 cab. Reasonable recording volume.

Old then new is the order.

The older one has a bit more of a natural scooped characteristic - it's almost like the EQ bands central frequencies were changed for the newer production run; something like that anyway. I'm skeptical that mere tube differences could account for such a difference in tone - not something I've personally experienced before. Under a microphone the differences are obvious, but in the room they are even more obvious!

Anyway... what do you think???

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