'Morphine' New Rock Track (VH100R)


boat is boat.
Jun 4, 2008
North East, UK.
This is one of 3 tracks I've been working on recently. I was originally working on a track called 'The Devil's Rose' that was supposed to be finished first but I stalled on ideas for vocals so I let it sit while I got to work on this.

The other track actually inspired a whole new sound and style for me. So i've created a new "project" name called 'Black Magic', hopefully I'll get a band together for it eventually.

Anyway, used a Laney VH100R for guitar with impulses. The bass guitar is DI. Drums are BFD. Want any more specifics just ask.

Morphine (Soundclick)

Morphine (Download)

(ps. anybody that is expecting this to sound similar to AIC, don't get your hopes up... it's much more diverse influence wise than the last track)
Vocals -> AT4047 -> Emu 1820m -> moderate amounts of compression -> a lil eq -> and then sent to some effects.

BFD is the regular lucite snare and Barressi kick 3. I can't remember what toms and cymbals were used. I also can't remember the exact processing details. They were(in general) eq'd n compressed n sent to a buss where I did some extra processing. I would go take a look but my computer is woefully underpowered and it's a real pain in the ass opening the track.
Only halfway through the track, and it fucking kicks! Getting a bit of a Wylde feel from the vox, and loving it! Great stuff, with the laid back guitar licks, and the pinching riffs!