Tool - Vicarious Cover


Aug 14, 2007
I've been working on a cover of this track and want to get the guitar and bass sounding right before I track the whole thing.
I've posted up the latest mix because I just got some new monitors and did this last night. Any help on getting this to sound better would be much appreciated. Thanks for checking it out!

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I can't hear much difference from the original song. Did you mix your instruments to it?
It's my guitar and bass, I found the multitracks for it so it's just the drums and vocs from the original.
I think it sounds good. At fist I was confused about what you did because it sounded pretty similar to how I had it in my mind. The guitars could be a bit less muddy and a bit more defined. Could you post the link to the multitask files please?
I'm afraid it sounds really bad to be honest. Too much gain, timing is too loose, and the tone is wrong for this song - depending on how accurate you wanted your cover to be.