Mix for school project (Africa- Toto cover)


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Sep 20, 2011
Did a metal cover of Africa for a project in one of my classes that's due next week. Any tips on the making it any better? I've never been good at mixing vocals, so help there would be greatly appreciated. Guitar and bass tone is all Pod Farm, drums are programmed with Erkan's samples (thanks a lot!!!). Feel free to ask any more questions.

Thanks for your input!

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/43873101/Africa Stereo Mix.mp3

By the way, the track features Anthony Capuano of Vultress and my band, Refraction's, two vocalists, Cole Pratt and Jake Cullison.
Sounds great man, only thing is the cymbals when they're just on the right or the left are way too loud and shrill. Turn them down a bit or add some reverb.

EDIT: screams at 2 mins could go up a bit also.

EDIT: On the outro, the one guy who is doing the higher harmony is too loud, he's way over the lower harmony. If they were equal in volume it'd sound better.
Sounds a lot better man! The cymbals still need to go down a tiny bit in some places, have a listen to it with headphones on you'll see what I mean... it's literally the tiniest bit, they sound nice in the chorus but when they're alone and switching from L to R they can sometimes be a little too loud.

Vocals sound better, good job!

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