Help me with my Deathcore mix!

Sep 20, 2005
sounds awesome! especially drums. How it was recorded??
But i think guitars are to thin. Looks like no mids at all.
Thanks guys! It's a bedroom recording. Drums are all standard stuff, 57 on snare, D2 and 421 on toms, and some cheap samson OH mics, kick is sample replaced toms and snare are blends, individual drums and the entire kit are wickedly compressed.
Guitars are two tracks of XXX and two 5150, ultra and red channel respectively, both with boosted with Maxon 820 and miced with 57. The cab was a Mesa oversized 4x12. I just used whatever guitars the band brought. An ESP and a Schecter with passive pickups, don't know the models. I thought I used too much gain though, so I reamped and blended in my 6505+ (otherwise same chain), on the green channel. Maybe that's causing phasing (I tried to line that shit up to the sample! :lol: I probably didn't get it quite right though). I'll play around with taking out the XXX and 5150 tracks, and adding some mids too. Thanks!

Any other comments are appreciated!
Man that is one loud ass mix haha... Def suits the genre style... But yea I agree on the guitars def something a little phasey going on there... Makes the playing seem sloppier than it probably is... The guitar that is panned towards the center at the part around 1:00 doesnt sound phasey and is alot more tight sounding (obviously eqed differently for effect) Everything else sounds pretty fierce man... Any advice on your compression/eqing/effects tips for your sounds would rock...
Yea the guitars sound tighter now and they do overpower the vocals a little more than they did before but that will prob just be a preference thing for the band... BUt there seems to be alot less phaseyness goign on with those guitars... Id mainly like to get your insight on your vocal, guitar, and drum comp/eqing/effects if possible... Whatever you would like to share bro... Once again solid job on the mix...
Great song! that's some cool riffage, nice!

On the mix.. everything is in place, but EQ wise it sounds there is a gap between the guitars and the bass, the guitars have a certain harshness on them as well, maybe try and back down some higher EQ freqs, add some more low end/mid to the guitars and see how that sounds?

Just thinking out loud as i listen.. cool stuff sinister!
This is awesome. Reminds me of The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza.
+1 on your comp/eq/effects. Id love to hear how you got this sound. I like it alot, very aggressive sounding mix.
Im listening to the second one you posted, the only thing I think that you should change is that the vocals should stand out a bid more.
That kick of yours is amazing for this!!!! What sample did you use?