Live DVD/CD "Welcome to Atlanta" is out now!

Really nice you're doing a live DVD for those who can't make it to the USA, I will buy it, keep up the good work!
I don't mean to double post, but apparently 70% of the available tickets were sold in just 24 hours! If you are thinking about going, get your ticket now!
Unfortunately, getting into the United States is a near impossible task for me, and then to make it all the way to Georgia? I wish I could, I could damn near cry for having to miss this. But I can make up for it by order a hundred copies of the dvd maybe lol. Have a great time boys. Come play in Canada!
I had to miss 2013 due to health reasons (those doctors will drain your wallet.. And I think after all the Xrays and MRIs, I may glow in the dark) but there is NO WAY in the world I'm missing this...

Looking forward to seeing everyone and meeting new folks!! Once you've been to ProgPower, you always want to come back... (I've been to 6)
How i wish to be there!!

I would love to see them here in Brazil! At least i could see Tommy last saturday with Kamelot. It was impressive his performance and surprised me how he has chemistry with the band style. Kamelot has gained a new fan because Tommy's entrance!
I am so thankful for the dvd, because I am too old and too agoraphobic to travel all that way by myself, but I will be thinking about the performance all that day. The natives are getting very restless and excited at SWAB on FB.
So, the guys have played both sets at ProgPower USA 2014!

Yesterday, they performed 'Mercy Falls' in its entirety.
Here are a couple of pictures:








Pictures are courtesy of Stephen Schmidt Photography ( and ProgPower USA.

Today, they played their second set (which will also be on the live DVD!) which contained a very nice little surprise (check out the setlist) :



I don't have a pro lens but I took 484 pics of their sets and I'm slowly going thru and posting them on my Facebook.

I felt blessed to just be there and experience it. And I tell you what, seeing them play King of Whitewater live and Stefan absolutely blow us all away at the end of that tune - that drum set didn't stand a chance against him. Brilliant. abso-freakin-lutely BRILLIANT!!

And now, I am off a week to recover

EDIT - I hope this link works!!
Andreas posted this on facebook a couple weeks ago.

"Just got a chance to have a first look at the edited video. m-hm, amazingly cool! Can't wait to share it with you guys!
Still have some work to o on th bonus stuff, and then the final mix but we are getting there."


Very excited for this!
Well, the good news is that the DVD is close to being finished....however, right now the boys are figuring out how to release it.
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I know there hasn't been an update on this lately, but I'm still looking forward to the impending dvd release of this show. I'm missing Seventh Wonder, and I have been listening to The Great Escape a lot recently...
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