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Apr 16, 2013
Hey guys,
I'm not sure if this is the right place, but I always read the PQ forums and everyone seems really awesome here, so I figured this might be a good place to start. I'm Zack from Comatose Promotions. Every week, we put out a Band of the Week video featuring some of the best new and unsigned rock/metal artists. As a fan of power metal, I will often seek out new bands of that genre to feature on the show.

I would really appreciate any suggestions you guys have! Some of my favorite power metal bands are: Power Quest, Keldian, Star One, DreamCatcher, Kemilon, and Stratovarius. Would anyone know of any newer bands, preferably with newer releases, that I may enjoy? I would love to find an awesome new band to feature on the show!

I really enjoy Voyager from Australia, they're big in their home country and have been getting really popular worldwide. Their album The Meaning of I came out a couple of years ago and I think it's just phenomenal.
Thank you! I had never heard of them and they do sound great! Unfortunately (at least for us, not for them), they are signed and have already achieved a decent following. I don't doubt that bands of their size still need promotion, but we pride ourselves on finding the best small and unsigned bands. However, like I said, I will definitely be listening to this for my own personal purposes!
For ReinXeed pretty much all of the last two albums!

Depends how new "new" is. But some modern bands I've been enjoying include: Sabaton, Powerwolf, Pathfinder, ReinXeed, Elmsfire, Stormborn, Raven Lord (starring ex-PQ drummer Rich!), Circle II Circle, Fogalord, Ascension, GloryHammer, Eclipse Prophecy, Secret Sphere, Heavatar, Wintersun, Scelerata, Tellus Requiem, Voodoo Circle, Civil War, Adamantra, Derdian, Epicrenel, From the Depth and Victorius.

There's more but that's what my iPhone has on it atm :)
Thanks for the suggestions! I found out about a lot of awesome bands because of you guys! For this week's episode, we actually ended up picking the band Starbreeze. They just released an album called N7 that is based of off the Mass Effect series. Here's the episode if anyone is interested:

Thanks again!
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