Magazine letter...


Grotesque Butchery Rabbit
So I stumbled across an interesting letter sent to a magazine recently (June 2008 Revolver Issue, hottest chicks in metal...). Without further ado:

I must say that I am totally disappointed/disgusted/pissed off with you. I opened my mailbox to find my new issue and saw the name of my favorite band, In Flames, burning in red on the cover! I was so excited I started jumping up and down...but wait. Something is wrong here...where is Anders? What the fuck? How can you have In Flames but no Anders?

Then I opened up the mag to read the ticker tape first, like I always do, and was completely offended by the prediction that only 13% of readers would notice that the bearded Swede on the cover was not the singer from In Flames but the bassist. Wow. Are you serious? What other Swedish metal band is there besides In Flames? How can you be so flippant and offensive to the greatest metal singer ever and the greatest metal band in the world?

... no other swedish metal bands worth mentioning huh?.... guess that whole Gothenburg thing is a charade then?
it's the lesser of two evils that you have to choose i guess.

And I don't take Revolver seriously, or any major publication for that matter. Every single 'news source' is always skewed and biased. I read some of the album reviews in this one and you can tell the reviewers are biased (save for some, who seem fairly straight forward).

I just wanted good pictures of Karin (Sonic Syndicate) and Kristen (winds of plague)... and there's a fairly cool article with Soilent Green in it too.
ya know, if God descended from the heavens and said, "neal, we must strike one of these from history: Houston, Tx or The Jester Race" im afraid that H-Town would be in flames!

God has done that to me a couple times. Which is why we still have corn dogs and Kylie Minogue, whereas Raspberry Pringles and the 2002 Rob Zombie remake of Deadly Friend never existed.