Maiden on "The Panel"


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Aug 24, 2001
Blue Mountains, Australia
Did anyone see this? Rob Sitch asked if anyone had ever done a Skyhooks cover, and everyone ummed and ahhed. Tex Perkins happened to be there and "as a rock trivia expert" declared that no, no one ever had. Sitch then played fifteen seconds of Maiden's "Women in Uniform" clip.
I love Spinal Tap, does anyone else have the DVD? The commentary they put over the top is SO funny!!
I heard Spinal Tap..!

:loco: :loco:

Hehe and on the topic of all things Panel-ish, has anyone been watching Russell Coight? This show is so bad it's funny! I love it!
I watch it!! Its time to hit the road!! :D I love that show, its so funny :)
Some good quotes from it are:
"where we can look at the scenic beauty of the beautiful scenery"
"he travelled for a long time, then came home, then another expedition went out as well, but he didnt go. Because he was dead." (I think thats how that one went??)
Of course, we cant forget the immortal "JUSTIN!"

:lol: Once again, GREAT show, I havent missed an episode, i just wish this weeks wasnt the last one!
yeah I saw it and got all excited (just ask strangey and bev heheeh)

I think I would have preferred if they had said something about that clip being from 82 or whenever it was though... so people don't think that that's what Maiden are doing (and wearing!) in 2001!

I love Spinal Tap. I have 2 CDs and the movie on vhs. I wish it was on DVD though. I'm sure I'd watch it more if it was on DVD.
I'm pretty sure I saw it on DVD at Gaslight the other day. Try there. Don't quote me if I'm wrong though!
What do you mean "is it on DVD"??? Dont you people read my posts or something??? :D
Bummer I turn off around HALF way through and missed that.

The Skyhooks cover by Maiden is Why I got into Maiden .
I brought "Killers" on that basis as I knew the song.
....which is a shame because it's not a bad song. I never liked Skyhooks but that song's alright. Real shame about Shirl though, he seemed like a top bloke. And as some fat rich balding yank with a piano once sung, "Only the good.............".