Makeup Kiss vs Non-Makeup Kiss

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Apr 14, 2001
Which do you like better?

I like non-makeup Kiss better... better riffs, production, melodies, solos, harder rocking sound, etc. Better musicians too (Eric Carr, Vinnie Vincent, Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer all rule).

The only bad thing was that all Gene's songs were filler. He should've been banned from writing or singing anything in that era coz he sucked. He only had a couple of good songs on Lick It Up (Not For The Innocent, Dance All Over Your Face), Hot In The Shade (Love's A Slap In The Face, Somewhere Between Heaven & Hell) and Revenge (Unholy, Domino).

Look at all the great songs from that era.... Exciter, Lick It Up, All Hell's Breakin Loose, A Million To One, Heaven's On Fire, Thrills In The Night, Get All You Can Take, King Of The Mountain, Who Wants To Be Lonely, Tears Are Falling, Radar For Love, Uh! All Night, Crazy Crazy Nights, I'll Fight Hell To Hold You, Reason To Live, Turn On The Night, Bang Bang You, Let's Put The X In Sex, (You Make Me) Rock Hard, Rise To It, Forever, Hide Your Heart, King Of Hearts, You Love Me To Hate You, Silver Spoon, Take It Off, Heart Of Chrome, Tough Love, I Just Wanna, etc. etc.....

All Paul's songs! :)

Even though non-makeup Kiss is my fave though, the best album is Creatures Of The Night but that's still pretty much part of the non-makeup era anyway... as far as the lineup and style of it goes.
I also like non makeup KISS better but make up KISS has some great stuff. "Hide Your Heart" is a great fucking song. Like you said, I agree that "Creatures Of The Night" is the best album. "Lick It Up" is great too.
hehe, good topic again ...

From a music point of view I wouldn´t say there is a makeup / non-makeup era. I find with Creatures and Lick it Up they did a new heavier rock which was great. I love these albums just as much as all before (including the Elder). All they did after that was more or less disapointing, with some exceptions, maybe some Crazy Night Songs. It was just boring. Only some of Gene´s songs brought some rocking power ....@trooper, hehe. With Revenge they came back to their hard rock roots, Psycho Circus and Carnival were great albums as well, though very different.

So my vote goes to the make-up era.

I can't stand Kiss, though I wouldn't deny their influence on many. I've always thought their lyrics and style were really lame. Lick it Up is one of the cheesiest songs I've ever heard in my life, and the video makes it even worse. So ehh just for the hell of it, I'll go with make-up era Kiss.
Although I like non make up KISS better I like all of KISS' albums with the exception of one and that was Carnival Of Souls. I like everything else by them.
I would say 50/50 they had some great stuff during the make-up years & the highlight of the non-make up years was Revenge & the unplugged show they did for MTV. It showed how great Bruce Kulick was/is as a guitarist & how he's a better musician than "Baby Elvis(Ace)." I think that Eric Carr was a great drummer, but again during the Revenge era they(KISS) came back with a Eric Singer A better drummer than both Peter & Carr combined! While, most of their most memorable material comes from the 70's, they were on roll in the 90's....
The Psycho Circus disc was a mixed bag & I wish they'd just admit who played what where, because it's not who is listed on the booklet! 70's KISS=Klassiks, 80's KISS=Cheese, 90's KISS=Muscianship.
Talk shit about Heathen, saying their the worst thrash band, but praise Kiss, Now I know where you head is at; & it stinks...........
You'll be in adult diapers soon enough...............................Kiss on a roll in the 90's................Thats hilarious......not Old School.......
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