Marko Eskola joined Avenie as the lead singer


Metal Monk
Jun 25, 2003
Hello there!

We have had a little break from recording due to the lack of free time that people who play in multiple bands tend to have among other things like being sick and trying to have a life.
But today we have picked up where we left off: vocals.

Now, I have something quite interesting to tell you about the vocal work of this album. As it happens, my vocals chords have suffered some sort of trauma during the spring of this year and for the last five months I have not been able to sing like I used to. I can still sing and growl, but I can't sing like I think the singer of Avenie should, so from now on I will be only the guitarist of Avenie. However, I will still sing some backing vocals live and in studio.

But the other side of the matter is, that I now have the great pleasure of introducing the new lead singer of Avenie, a very talented musician and one of my dearest friends, Marko Eskola. Some of you may know him as a member of Farmakon, Älymystö or Spitleak/DogEyeGod. When we were making the last demo, Marko was producing/coaching me through the vocal recordings. As a vocalist, he is a much better singer and growler than I ever was and if you don't believe me, just have a listen to the title track of the album "Sombre Embrace" on Avenie's myspace.

See you people live in november and december!

Download the new song "Sombre Embrace" here!

-Matti / Avenie
Remember to come check out Marko in action with Avenie at Klubi, Tampere next thursday, 17.12.2009 that is, showtime at 21:00, tickets 5€!