Masakari - The Prophet Feeds

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Dec 11, 2009
Masakari - The Prophet Feeds
Southern Lord - 21/07/10
By PuddaWudda UKMU


The Southern Lord bakery has an unquestionable presence, an incontestable iron fist over the baking scene, and in recent times, the legendary loaf has placed an emphasis on that ever tricky crust; behind are the times where its home was untouched on the side of the plate, thanks to a new recipe comprising of The Secret, Black Breath, and tastiest of all, Masakari. Darker and more urgent than your average d-beat drill, with your copy of The Prophet Feeds comes an air of genuine melancholy and disappointment sped up and put through a filter of crust and hardcore patches, the finished product potent and pleasing.

Always with a touch of sincerity, they accelerate from heavyweight slow to ripping, tearing fast and back in no time whatsoever in a fashion which blows the comparative complacency of Fall of Efrafa out of the water; the charged, crippling ‘IX- Tempt Providence’ arriving like a nine volt battery stamped down on your tongue and fucking off with the same swiftness. Unlike a lot of competition, they have, as previously mentioned, that furrowed brow which distances them from dirt and cider and more towards the slightly more upmarket (still chaotic) playgrounds of hardcore, and with the territory they lose some of that grimy, meat is murdaararrghh fun and simplicity, and sometimes it feels like The Prophet Feeds suffers from it’s original direction. A contradictory, confusing statement, if there ever was one, but one which thankfully doesn’t detract from the album as an impressive whole too much. Frequent trebly leads and energetic drums are boosted by Bill Korecky, whose work with Integrity should give you some clue to the sonic substance of the album, in case you were still wondering.

Masakari are in odd position nonetheless, squatting sulkily in between the camps of crust, hardcore and the nervous breakdown music of Converge, and whether they appeal to any of these notoriously picky people is a question which time can answer and noone else, yet for those with an open mind and a hunger for something fresh, Masakari are your men. Just, after half an hour of minor chord meltdowns and an unsettling outro, don’t expect to be taking the disc out of the tray with a smile.

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