Megadeth show in NZ


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Apr 29, 2001
New Zealand
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Man, it's about time I saw a decent show here! Was getting sick of acts like Purple and Cooper fucking us. :) Anyone else in NZ going to this?? Got my ticket yesterday. The Power Station is a small venue but the sound should be great. I still need to get the new album. Megadeth have now become an import act. What the fuck is going on??! May I say, once again haha, Sanctuary fucking suck! Add metal-is to that. Good on Dave and the boys for the tour, top stuff!


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The new Deth album is pretty much only available from Real Groovy Records as far as I'm aware. The record distributor in NZ currently imports the albums from the UK, but I've been told they are trying to get them from Australia to make them cheaper. I've no idea why the hell they didn't do this to start with. I don't think it's entirely Santuary's fault on that one. Plus this tour wouldn't be going ahead if it wasn't for Sanctuary. Before when they were on Capitol, they pretty much only toured North and South America, Europe and Japan. Now Sanctuary wants them to tour more globally. Hence the Aust/NZ tour, they have just played Turkey for the first time, and they will be playing Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia on their way here. So although we've been shafted by Sanctuary in the past, they've done a pretty good job this time around. Especially when Dave pretty much conceded that they won't be making any money from the Aust/NZ tour. Someone somewhere must have finally realised that touring sells records.
I reckon it's great that they're touring Indonesia and Malaysia. Hardly any bands play there, so all the local metalheads will be creaming their undies I'm sure. :)
Thanks for info, Cooperman. Good to see Sanctuary pulling finger at last then ;) Btw, I don't see many(any?) Sanctuary releases getting a release here which is quite annoying given that they are trying to buy up every act in sight it seems. Hopefully they will change the no releases in NZ thing but I don't have much faith in that. I was going to import from the U.S. for the new 'deth but I'll hold off. They should act on that fast given the tour, we'll see.

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