Merchandise and are the exact same thing... What the hell is wrong with that?!? I am kind of confused, are these sites crocks of shit?
Hey Confessor have you ever ordered from is it any good? Anyone else find it strange these are the same site?:confused:
Has anyone ever tried emailing Headbanger's Delight and ask the chances of back ordering the older Opeth shirts? I'm going to try anyways. I've ordered from there before and they were pretty quick. I recommend the site to everyone. The prices are a bit more than I'd hope for, but they make up a few areas. Like said before, I've seen Opeth shirts online for sale at other sites, but they don't have a freaking picture up with it. Drives me crazy.


At night I always dream of you.
I've been looking for a longsleeve BWP shirt with the North American Tour dates on the back for a while now, but still haven't had any luck. I am about to break down and get the shortsleeve shirt from headbangersdelight or jsrdirect.