Mercury Rain on Metal Charity CD!!


Raging Heathen!
Sep 10, 2002
Northern Shores Of The Humber
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In aid of Cancer Research UK, we here at, with the aid of some very generous people have compiled a CD of some the best established and upcoming metal acts in the UK.


The track list is:

1. Conquest Of Steel - Only The Devil Can Stop Us Now
2. Power Quest - Temple Of Fire
3. Evile - Killer From The Deep
4. Mercury Rain - Eldritch Mirror
5. Fallen Skies - Illusion Of Life
6. Balance Of Power - Shelter Me
7. Infobia - Life Is
8. Humanity - As Humanity Fades
9. Snake Eyes - The Wizard's Curse
10. Fireland - Computerised Gods
11. Serpent's Kiss - Slaves To The Light
12. Intense - War Of Angels

+ the first 100 will feature a bonus track by Elite Italian Thrashers Deliverance.

You can now pre-order the cd here.

Please note that the CDs wont be despatched until monday 30th at the earliest.