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Power Quest
Feb 16, 2003
Rewiewed by Cameron Terry at

British dark symphonic metal band Mercury Rain returned with their second album "St. Matthieu". Joining the same path as Italy's Lacuna Coil and Finland's Nightwish, will give you a general idea of how this band sound, but even then it's only a story half told....

The album opens with the hauntingly beautiful "Tales From Beyond" which shows you the foundations of their dark symphonic music. Then the choir at the beginning of "Sanctuary" starts and the album moves into it's first full track. Unlike the two bands mentioned above, instead of being a dreamy melodic mix or a powerhouse band, Mercury Rain are a blend of both. The songs strike out and grab you, but don't blow you away with their power. Instead they reach inside and attempt to touch you emotionally, which is where the real power of their music lies.

"The Messenger" adds a powerful kick featuring guest vocals from FourWayKill vocalist, Chris Neighbour. Stands out with its more up front guitar work and of course, different vocals. This first half of the album shows the band in their tranquil blend of metal music. Their sound is refreshing because of this tranquilness, as most bands are just either too aggressive or too soft to produce the kinda of effect this album has.

However the latter part album provides you with the different flavours people want from a band like this. "Eldritch Mirror" is a beastly track compare to the rest with its pounding drums and heavier guitar riffs. "Heaven In Sunset" is a beautiful track mainly consisting of those opera like elements of their music and focuses heavily on the piano. "St. Matthieu" the last track takes all the previous tracks and combines them into this awesome epic song, a prefect and fitting way to end this CD.

Overall this is an impressive CD, even more impressive considering their's no record label attached to their name. I did make comparison's with Mercury Rain to Lacuna Coil and Nightwish, there is certain similarities but its fair to say Mercury Rain do stand out on their own. The album has this timeless feel to it, each track beautifully blending from one to the next in this impressive display of symphonic metal. If you like melodic metal and the idea of fusing opera and heavy metal, then this is a must have for your CD collection!!

Producer : Jon Hoare
Studio : Mercury Studios, England
Vocals : Sonia Porzier
Guitars : Dion Smith
Bass Guitars/Keyboards : Jon Hoare
Drums : Rodrigo Oliveiera

That's a good review indeed !

I'm so impatient to listen...

I think when I read this that I'll be really proud of you Sonia ! :worship:

But I won't forget the others :wave:

p.s: Y'a trop moyen de prendre du piljadur à rigoler içi ma doué ! :D
Score 82/100 - 'Suprise of the Month'
Thanks to Alex :headbang:

Being from Bristol, UK, Mercury Rain would certainly appreciate the following analogy. You can be the hottest rookie soccer player this year, only to completely disappear the next season. A proverbial “flash in a pan”. Alternatively, you can continue to work hard and be called “the most improved player” year after year. Without a doubt, Mercury Rain fall in the second category as their new opus St. Matthieu is a significant step up over 2003 Dark Waters.

The core of the band remained the same, Jon Hoare playing bass, keyboards and producing, Dion Smith handling guitars, and, most importantly, Sonia Porzier providing her vocal grace. I understand Rich Shillitoe (guitars) left, and the band is currently in between drummers. Yet the final outcome is vastly superior.

I may have been a little harsh on the band in my previous review saying how difficult it would be for them to reconcile their introspective gothic female vocals and classic/power metal instrumentalism. The answer to the question above came somewhat in a form of a curveball. Jon Hoare and Co. elected to go with a dark symphonic edge this time which turned out to fit the band perfectly. Mercury Rain proved me wrong and St. Matthieu humbles me.

Proceedings on this album start just like they ended up on Dark Waters. Sonia sings in French (or is it a dialect?) practically a capello, the only accompaniment being some dark synth. Desperate serenity is tossed aside when heavy tight riffs of Sanctuary enter the fray. Quick overlapping guitar runs do not distract from the rhythmic tightness, a trademark of Mercury Rain songwriting. In this particular song, Sonia’s voice wanders on her own, somewhat disconnected from the guitar chords. I can’t help but think this may always be the case with Mercury Rain, given the nature of Ms. Porzier voice. A male choir, something not present on Dark Waters, is a great find and provides a perfect background for the lead vocals. So is the rougher male voice in The Messenger, combining with Sonia in a duet over heavy galloping riffs. I can see why Therion took Mercury Rain on the UK tour with them. St. Matthieu is soaked with mysterious symphonics so prevalent in the Swedes’ art.

While heavy and tight throughout, guitars almost border on menacing (Mercury Rain style, of course) in Chimaera and Eldritch Mirror. However, this time around the band integrates the chops and Sonia’s voice much better than on Sanctuary. I am not sure whether it comes from the ever present keyboard touches or not doing much of the double bass, the tempo often chosen on Dark Waters. Yet, this time around, music and voice do not travel the separate planes like they did in the past. I can’t ever call Sonia’s vocals operatic. Instead of soaring, she just floats along, deep and sensual. There is another quiet piano ballad in the album, Heaven in Sunset, where she has to do it on her own, but most of the time dreamy slow buildups coexist well with heavy and progressive sections (Sortileges).

Jon Hoare can tune his keyboards, so they sound almost like the full orchestra, as I don’t think it was used on the album (at least, the liner notes do not say so). The sound on St. Matthieu is extremely voluminous and three dimensional. Jon’s melodies on the epic title track impress, but I still feel that song needed even more kick than provided by a strong and confident guitar solo. Why not use that great male choir again? What could be in the band’s future, and I do not have a crystal ball, is collaboration with a philharmonic ensemble and further melodic diversification.

The album comes with a DVD containing one video and three live tracks. Beings that I can’t play a PAL video I am plain out of luck there, but the DVD inclusion makes it for an even better package. In this sense, Mercury Rain is playing their cards right by releasing independent albums rather than signing a rip-off deal.

Even and strong throughout, St. Matthieu qualifies for the Surprise of the Month by the sheer value of the improvement made by Mercury Rain. Impressive cover art and the lyrics invoking mystic abandoned places complete the picture.
You guys surprised me in many ways with the new and last albums because you can tell by just listening to them you can see your progress that you have made and it fucking rules :headbang:
Sonias Vocals, Andys, Drumming, Dion and Jons Riffs goes so well with every song you guys are such a unique band and that almost never happens these days so all i have to say is keep up the good work :headbang:
i would have to save The Messenger is my favourite song which i cant wait to hear when your next in bristol:D
MERCURY RAIN ‘St.Matthieu’ (2004)

This is Mercury Rain’s second full album and again it is all self-produced and financed in a very stylish CD booklet plus you get a bonus DVD featuring live tracks and a promo video.

The overall packaging would put many labels to shame! Since their debut release they have toured with amongst other Power Quest, Intense and last year’s Bloodstock bill. The music lives up to the lavish packaging as well being an album full of crunching metal riffs topped off by the vocals of Sonia Porzier, who reminds me of Dead Can Dance’s female vocalist. In fact ‘Tales From Beyond’ could easily be a Dead Can Dance number with its gothic atmosphere and haunting vocals (sung in French).

‘Sanctuary’ you could see as a live staple in years to come due to its hook laden riff and strong melody. ‘Shadow’s Scent’ again creates a dark atmosphere with guitars and a tight rhythm section keeping the song moving along nicely. One slight quibble would be the use of perhaps more keyboards to fill the sound out overall, although ‘The Messenger’ and ‘Tales’ both use keys to great effect. Lyrically the songs mange to avoid clichés often associated with goth/dark music.

Sadly since the recording of this album the drummer and co-founder Andy Pester has left the band. Another strong metal album coming out of the UK and well worth seeking out.


Review by Jason Ritchie
"...Anyhow enough of that, the new album... IMHO if there's one thing that gets most bands it's that they write songs and albums that sound identical, the best bands can write albums that are comprised of songs that each have their own identity but at the same time fit in with each other. And beyond that make albums that are undeniably by that band BUT each have their own charm. This is true of all the bands that really last, some bands (like Darkthrone) can get by with gradually changing and maturing, having more subtle differences, others such as My Dying Bride can make significant changes without ever detracting from their core sound.

Bands who can evolve like Darkthrone are rare, bands who evolve like MDB are even rarer. Consider yourself in MDB's catagory. 'St Matthieu' is a huge step up, improving on Dark Waters in every way without being a mere refinement because of the new elements you've added and I absolutely love it. Simple as that, best Gothic album of the year (joint with Flowing Tears' Razorbliss) excluding My Dying Bride (sorry but I worship MDB). now at last labels have noticed this and are starting to take interest and its about bloody time. I think the rate of progression you guys have made is astounding and your third album may be as influential as 'Mandylion' or 'Nighttime Birds' by The Gathering, you guys have talent enough to make it, you just need promotion enough to make yourselves heard (that said you aren't doing bad as it is)..."
This is very nice stuff indeed, dark and heavy music with a moodchanging from song to song, sometimes even within a the actual song. The haunting atmosphere of the current gothic metal style gets coupled with the melodic and fresh power of some speedier metalbands like Helloween for example, when they were at their peak. French singer Sonia adds depth and magick to this very peculiar gem, that could partly be compared to a more wild and metallic version of Nightwish or Within Temptation, but this would not do right to the material, which offers a unique concept of darkness and gloom and makes the music carry its emotional expression. Technically the musicians are all skilled. At the compositorial side, there is nothing to complain about as well. The arrangements are complex, yet without leaving the tracks becoming too bulky. The melodies are always near the border to accessibility but still keep a twist of their own spirit. You won't get them out of your heads for weeks and they do not start to get annoying. This is what makes an already good band superb. I could not tell, which track is moving me the most, they all set my soul ablaze.
Mercury Rain - St. Matthieu

Dass Metal mit weiblichen Vocals heutzutage nicht immer klingen muss wie diese namhafte, viel zu überbewertete Band aus Finnland, welche verlorengegangene computeranimierte Fische besingt, beweisen die vier EngländerInnen aus Bristol. Musikalisch bewegen sich MERCURY RAIN in einem sehr variablen Rahmen, der sich von gotisch angehauchtem, symphonischem Düstermetall, dezenten Thrash- und Heavy Metal-Elementen bis hin zu progressiver Tonkunst erstreckt. Beim Hörgenuss kommen einem solch illustre Namen wie AGHORA (von der Atmosphäre her), THE GATHERING (zu mitt-90er Zeiten), ORPHANAGE oder gar THERION (zu "Lepaca Kliffoth"-Zeiten) in den Sinn. Doch dieses Namedropping soll keinesfalls vergleichend zu gebrauchen sein, denn dies würde die stilistische Vielschichtigkeit schon von vornherein limitieren. Nein, dies soll einige der vielen kleinen Farbsteinchen dieses vertonten Musikkaleidoskops hervorheben. Besonderheiten wie das französisch gesungene Intro "Tales From Beyond" oder die beiden von dem 16köpfigen Filton-Männerchor stimmkräftig unterstützten Nummern "Sanctuary" und "St. Matthieu" sind nur wenige der vielen Farbtupfer im ohnehin schon farbenprächtigen Dunkelstahl der Band. Die schöne, natürliche Stimme von Frontdame Sonia Porzier ist das akustische Sahnehäubchen dieses vertonten Gourmethappens, was besonders in den nur von Piano oder Keyboard untermalten Passagen zur Geltung kommt.

Der Erstpressung dieser dreiviertelstündigen, selbst produzierten, selbst finanzierten und selbst vertriebenen CD liegt noch eine Bonus-DVD bei, welche ein Video zu "Shadow's Scent" beinhaltet, sowie drei weitere Livevideos, eine Fotogalerie und ein Making-Of des erstgenannten Videoclips. Also ich fress 'nen Besen, wenn die Band mit diesem zweiten Album im Rücken keinen Deal an Land reißt. Überzeugt euch per Hörproben-Download von untengenannter Homepage selbst von der Qualität des Materials!

Wertung: 5/5

Again, I don't speak German, so this could be good... or it could be bad. The 'Google' translation is hilarious, but unintelligable... Anyone able to translate for us... please ?

Mit MERCURY RAINs "St. Matthieu" kommt mir eine äußerst kompetent in Szene gesetzte Eigenproduktion ins Haus geflattert, der außer der eigentlichen CD noch eine DVD beiliegt, die Promo- und Liveclips enthält und die sowieso schon ratsame Anschaffung der Scheibe noch ratsamer macht. Wer sind MERCURY RAIN mag sich jetzt manch einer fragen. Sie touren demnächst mit THERION und dürften alleine schon deshalb kein unbeschriebenes Blatt mehr sein. Sind sie auch nicht. "St. Matthieu" ist bereits der zweite Longplayer der Band, der stilistisch in ähnliche Sphären geht wie die bereits erwähnte schwedische Bombastübermacht.

Melodiöser, pompöser und operettenhafter Metall, der Gothik genauso heraufbeschwört wie Elemente des Power- und des klassischen Heavy Metal. In ein brilliant und fett aufgemachtes Booklet gepresst, bahnt sich "St. Matthieu" mit dem orchestralen 'Tales From Beyond" seinen Weg, bevor es mit 'Sanctuary' den ersten saftigen Genickschlag ansetzt. Mich persönlich erinnern die Gesänge von Sonia Porzier sehr an THE GATHERINGs Anneke, was meinen Ohren ganz besonders gut tut. Fern ab von den gängigen Opernstimmen, gewinnen MERCURY RAIN der Thematik somit eine etwas andere Seite ab und schaffen sich eine Eigenständigkeit, die auf mich sehr erfrischend wirkt. 'The Messenger' ist sehr bombastisch angelegt, obwohl der tragende Teil des Songs auf den Bratgitarren und dem kraftstrotzenden Drumming liegt. Auch 'Shadow´s Scent' und 'Chimaera' schlagen in diese Kerbe und erinnern verdammt stark an ältere TRISTANIA, vor allem auch wegen des sterilen Drumsounds, der den Mannen um Frontfee Vibeke
Stene so eigen ist. Progressive Soli wechseln sich mit gradlinigen Peitschenhieben ab und servieren der düster angehauchten Klientel saubere Ware für kalte Abende in Einsamkeit.

Das anfangs orchestral verspielte 'Sortileges' driftet von monumentaler Epik in brettharte Soundgefilde und wieder zurück. Die Riffs sitzen wie der Arsch auf dem Eimer, während sich Sonias Stimme beschwörend durch die Niederungen der akustischen Wahrnehmung bahnt. LACUNA COIL lassen grüßen und nehmen einen der vorderen Plätze in der Idolliste der Engländer ein. 'Eldritch Mirror' pumpt mit krassen Doublebasses auf die Zwölf und hämmert mit sämtlichen Äxten die Sechzehntel bis zum Exitus durch. MERCURY RAIN entwickeln in diesem Track jede Menge Power, die in einem feinen Refrain ihre Bestimmung findet, inklusive Niederlassung im Großhirn, dem effektivsten Bereich des menschlichen Organismus. Auch das anfänglich nur durch Piano begleitete 'Heaven In Sunset' bietet eine schöne Melodie auf, die es zu entdecken gilt, da sie sich wie der Rest der CD nicht gleich beim ersten Durchlauf erschließen will. Jedoch entwickelt sich der Song und erblüht mit seiner Zweistimmigkeit und seinen
sehr harmonischen vocal lines.

Der perfekte Nährboden für einen gewaltigen Arschtritt? Jawoll, kickt doch zum Abschluss noch einmal der Titeltrack gewaltig die Kehrseite des Schambereichs. Stoisch, gradlinig, ohne Schlenker auf die Nuss. 'St. Matthieu' variiert Lautstärken, spielt dynamisch mit dramatischer Theatralik und epischer Größe. Zum Ende hin also der Höhepunkt? Nöö, eigentlich gibt es auf der ganzen Scheibe keinen richtigen Hänger. Der einzige Hänger der entscheidend ins Gewicht fällt ist der komische Sound. Fett ist er zwar, aber auch furchtbar steril und drucklos im Schlagzeugbereich, in dem die Becken wie aus der Konserve klingen. Des weiteren sind die Keyboards für meinen Geschmack viel zu laut gemixt, was der gesamt gesehen recht harten Grunausrichtung der Band einen etwas zu klebrigen Anstrich verpasst. Schade, aber für eine Eigenproduktion ist "St. Matthieu" schon ziemlich, wenn nicht sogar sehr professionell. Somit will ich nicht übertrieben hart daher schwafeln und MERCURY RAIN eine gelun gene Scheibe im Fahrwasser TRISTANIAs und LACUNA COILs attestieren, die eure Aufmerksamkeit verdient. Alles weitere liegt an euch. Beziehen könnt ihr die Scheibe über die bandeigene Homepage, auf der auch einige Samples zu den Songs zu hören sind.
I need a German dictionary...!!

Düstere Mucke mit Bombasttendenzen mit Frauengesang. Wer jetzt spontan wahlweise an Within Temptation, The Gathering (wie´s früher mal war) denkt, dem sei gesagt, dass mich das Gebotene nicht nur aufgrund des Gesangs tatsächlich vor allem an "Mandylion" (hach, das waren Zeiten) erinnert. Die Gitarren braten allerdings ´ne ganze Ecke heftiger, das Keyboard fungiert primär als Melodie- und weniger als Klanginstrument. Geschwindigkeitsmäßig ist man ab und an ebenfalls alles andere als lahm unterwegs (heißt: Der Drummer ist doublebassfest – hat ja schließlich auch mal in ´ner Thrashkapelle die Kessel gerührt). Gesunde Härte ist also vorhanden. Die Arrangements sind abwechslungsreich und kommen bis auf wenige Ausnahmen schön auf den Punkt, Melodien und Hooks sind im grünen Bereich, auf Frickelorgien wird verzichtet und der Sound ist – obwohl es sich hier um eine Eigenproduktion handelt – absolut in Ordnung. Ich kapier´ echt nicht, warum diese Band noch keinen Plattenvertrag hat. Potential ist nämlich ohne Zweifel vorhanden, und Within Temptation haben ja auch ganz nett die Charts gestürmt
French anyone ?

Mercury Rain revient avec un second album après ‘Dark Waters’. Les Anglais distillent un gothic metal symphonique entre la puissance d’Amaran ou de Darkwell et les ambiances de Within Temptation et rien n’est laissé au hasard. Tout est soigné, de l’artwork de la pochette aux mélodies en passant par les textes. Une autoproduction qui contient même une version limitée avec un DVD présentant le clip ‘Shadow’s Scent’, des images live et des photos. Le souci du détail et de la perfection est bien réel. Quant à la musique, elle comporte un clavier harmonieux omniprésent s’alliant à des guitares énergiques. La batterie est assez rapide pour le style et souligne gracieusement le rythme. La voix de Sonia est très claire et maniée avec justesse et talent. Et même si cet ensemble ne révolutionne pas le style, il a le mérite d’être bon voire très bon dans son genre
What is the crosslink between Lacuna Coil and Dreams Of Sanity? Right! MERCURY RAIN. The English band offer sophisticated Gothic Metal on St. Matthieu without getting too technical on the one hand and without showing too much pop-appeal on the other. Even though MERCURY RAIN include some cheesy gothic-riffs into their sound from time to time, their second effort is nevertheless a respectable output with a lot of own identity. Frontwoman Sonia has a delightful voice which underlines the sacral style of the band perfectly and only misses more diversity (in form of dynamics) in some moments. The band itself performs solid, what I dislike however, is the heavy-metal-approach in some riffs. Great songs include the opener Sanctury and the more quiet Shadow’s Scent, where MERCURY RAIN also shot a video for. Unfortunately the DVD for the initial pressing which includes the promo-clip and some live-stuff does not work on my computer but I hope this is only a fault of my equipment.
If you find acts like Xandiria or Within Temptation to cheesy, then check out MERCURY RAIN and you won’t be disappointed! Since the band is still looking for a European distro, I recommend searching for more (ordering-) information on their website...
Das englische Quartett hat mit diesem formidablen Doppeldecker (zum 50minütigen Akustiktaler gibt’s noch eine etwa halbstündige DVD!!) eine Eigenproduktion vorgelegt, nach der sich die meisten Labelbands in Sachen Aufmachung die Finger lecken dürften. MERCURY RAIN rocken sich in fettem Sound durch 8 recht ausführliche und abwechslungsreiche (neben dem Intro dauern die Songs bis zu 10 Minuten, wie das abschließende „St. Matthieu“) Gothic Metal-Tracks, die neben aller Epik auch immer wieder eine gewisse Grundhärte aufweisen und neben einigen alten The Gathering-Einflüssen („Shadows Scent“, „Sortilèges“) auch mal leichte Erinnerungen an After Forever und Within Temptation aufkommen lassen. Sängerin Sonia Porzier klingt in einigen Momenten immer wieder stark nach Lana Lane, kehrt also glücklicherweise nicht die jaulende Frontelfe heraus. Dafür, dass „St. Matthieu“ erst das zweite Album der 1998 gegründeten Truppe darstellt, dürften wir im Düstergenre zwischen Therion und den erwähnten Truppen noch einiges erwarten. Natürlich sind im Songwriting noch einige Längen vertreten (und auch der männliche Gesang bedarf noch einiger Übung, wie in „The Messenger“ hörbar), aber wer im Gothic-Bereich mal eine neue Band sucht, dem darf ich die Adresse und die Band warm empfehlen. Die DVD featured ein Promovideo zu „Shadow’s Scent“, 3 Live-Tracks (Sound und Bild okay, alle 3 Songs nicht auf der CD!), 26 Bilder der Band und ein gut 5minütiges Making-Of von „Shadow’s Scent“ mit teilweise traumhaften Landschaftsbildern aus Schottland. Wer schreiben möchte: MERCURY RAIN, 82 Cave Grove, Emerson Green, Bristol – BS16 7BA, England oder Es lohnt sich!

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Oliver Vollmer
There are some gothic metal bands out there these days, busy trying to rip off Lacuna Coil, and many others, with their female vocals that soar like a glider on a thermal. Enter Mercury Rain. Formed in Bristol, 1998, they’re the band who are going to rectify this pitiful situation by doing their own thing. With French frontwoman Sonia Porzier, Mercury Rain are able to offer fans of gothic metal something slightly different.

‘St Matthieu’, their latest album, is a deep, dark, soulful 48 minute serving of complete bliss. Beginning with ‘Tales from Beyond’, a chilling song written entirely in French, the only place you can imagine hearing this band perform their work is in a crumbling, candlelit church. Luckily the second track, whilst still not moving from that ancient set, is much more upbeat and features a large male choir. Whilst soft flowing vocals feature throughout, there are plenty of moments for those more interested in heavy guitar and expertly played bass. With Chris Neighbour (Fourwaykill) providing guest vocals on ‘The Messenger’, you realize just how sweet Porzier’s voice really is. Ever so slightly coated in a French accent, it is the perfect vessel for the melancholy lyrics.

‘Shadows Scent’ has to be one of the strongest moments on the album, with vocals that sound almost oriental in places due to the length each note is held for. Although it starts off slowly with a somewhat gloomy introduction, it quickly speeds up with screeching guitars and a purring bassline. No wonder Mercury Rain decided to record a promotional video for it which can be seen on the limited edition DVD.

'Eldritch Mirror' is probably host to the best Mercury Rain guitar playing on St Matthieu. With Porzier dipping down into a low gypsy curse of a voice, she allows herself some freedom to explore the deep crevices of the song. Jon Hoare (Bass, keys and general Mercury Rain mastermind) adds in some fantastic keyboard work to the jagged edges left behind by Dion Smith (Guitars) which leaves the song a lot more palatable for those who prefer their metal a little more melodic. Following this onslaught of anger, the simpering ‘Girl Track’ of the album sounds even quieter than it really is, but overall it’s a beautiful two and a half minutes, let down only by the chorus. Any problems are rectified by ‘St Matthieu’. No wonder it’s the title track- if you love apocalyptic metal full to the brim with adventurous guitar playing and sudden plunges into mellow vocal work, this is the track you’ll be drawn to. With the speedy intro, you’re fooled into thinking that Mercury Rain are after one final rock out before the end of the album. Instead they opt for varying the song throughout.

‘St Matthieu’ is a stunning 48 minutes of talent from yet another UK band who deserve worldwide recognition. With talent and ambition pulsing fiercely through their veins, Mercury Rain have the drive to reach this goal. This album is available to buy through their website- now but is also released in the UK on the 27th September.
Antonis Maglaras

After a difficult year and with a lot of work, Mercury Rain are back with their new album with the title "St. Matthieu". After the very successful "Dark Waters" album, the band put high standards in their music. After a successful UK tour last year and the participation in the Bloodstock festival for sure Mercury Rain are the risen power in the power / gothic / progressive English music scene.

And I am happy because I had the opportunity last year to hear their previous album and now their new one. As I said above the band walks in these three paths, or I can say they had these three influences in their music. Mercury Rain combines excellent influences from progressive music, power metal and some gothic elements. Of course they do this in an almost excellent way too.

It is useless to say that in these forty-eight minutes and in these eight songs, the band simply proves why they are a rising star in the music scene. But all the money is in the last track, because "St. Matthieu" is a ten minutes epic. They put it last and they did it well because it worth's to hear the whole album and this as the last song. Of course the band did an excellent work in the artwork concept section that's why we have an excellent cover and a very good sixteen pages booklet.

Not forget to tell you, that the first 2000 copies comes with a bonus dvd, where you can see a promotional video and three live videos from the last year tour of the UK from the band. Extras you can see some photos and a small video making of the promotional clip. An excellent package for sure. A huge thanks goes to the whole band for their music and a specific thank to Jon for believe in me and send me their work once more. Until the new album, go and buy the "St. Matthieu" and the "Dark Waters".