Metal:A Headbanger's Journey(documentary))

I saw the film in Los Angeles. It is a MUST see for EVERYONE! It is a genuine look at metal culture from a true metalhead himself! The focus of the documentary is primarily on the fans, so don't be too disappointed that not all of your favorite bands are mentioned or interviewed! Iron Maiden, however, does get a lot of attention in this film!
>"Maden does get a lot of attention"

As they should, because it really is the high standard of rock n roll, they don't pretend to have pretty hair or try to sound like whoever. Best metal ever, IMO, but even though it's filled with Iron, your heart still needs to have love for the song in order to play it correctly.

Hi Tim.

Thanks for your interest in the film!
The DVD will be released in May (you can find lots of interesting special features - Norway mini doc - Lemmy at the Rainbow - extended interviews - the metal family tree interactive! to name a few).
Also, the Soundtrack is available now through Universal!

Hope you like 'em.
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I saw it in L.A. a couple weeks ago, too. I think I was the only one wearing an Iron Maiden shirt!:confused: But it was a great documentary.:headbang: Must get it on DVD when it comes out!
We didn't stay at the reception too long, though.