Metal Music Banned in Malaysia


Nonchalant Onlooker
May 5, 2001
This is my translation of the Finnish News Agency's article:

Kuala Lumpur, July 23rd (STT-AP)

The Malaysian government has ordered national tv and radio stations to reduce the broadcasting of heavy music in order to assuage the youth's occult activities which are claimed to be related to metal music.

The Minister of Communication, Khalid Yunus, advised the stations to play music that is "pleasant to the ear". Last week the government expressed its concern over a North Malaysian group of teens who are rumoured to drink goat blood, listen to heavy metal and smoke cannabis.


:D Any thoughts? Satori? :p
"Yeehaw! Whooooo hoo! Turn up the metal, man! Hey, Orchid! Where'd you leave the goat's blood? And has anyone seen the sacrificial virgin? Hearse didn't run off with her again, did he? Hey Satori, pass me the bong, will ya? Ahhhhh. HEY! So who wants to go desecrate some graves tonight? luke, metalmancpa, you up for it?! Make sure there's still plenty of Goat's blood left when we get back, we wouldn't want Jo drinking it all again... boy can she get crazy on that stuff... and turn up the metal! Oh, and we are still going to incite that revolt tomorrow, right? <throws dart at picture of Khalid Yunus> We'll get those bastards... then all there's left to do is rape some elderly women and pick a few random races for genocide. Yeeeehaw! Turn up the metal, dammit!"


Glad to know there's still propaganda fueling outlandish speculation and accusing music as the root of all evil. At least over here, the worst we had to deal with was Tipper Gore and her PMRC.
How ridiculous, judging music by its genre. "Heavy metal" is a massive range of music, could be anything. Could you imagine Opeth influencing people to drink goats blood? Yeah, groups of teenagers walking down the street singing "searching my wayyyyyy to perplexion ooohhhhhhh... Hey, wanna go to my joint to drink some goats blood?" :loco:

Besides, MTV couldn't play music that is more "pleasant to the ear" if they tried!

Hey, i wonder if they would ban metallica! That would be a plus! I'm moving to Malaysia!!! :D :lol:
I had a friend in highschool whose father was maylasian, from a headhunter tribe, actually. Why's goat's blood so bad?!

On another note:

On Thursday the Taliban placed bans on the import of 30 products including playing cards, computer discs, movies, satellite TV dishes, musical instruments, cassettes and chessboards, after declaring them un-Islamic.

fun, eh?

Details at


I still see writings today about the Columbine killings, and they STILL cite music as a cause.
Holy crap, that is simply disgraceful.

When I was a teenager metal did no provoke aggression in me, it was an outlet for it (along with playing drums and yanking off). Metal helped me embrace (and ultimately control) my extreme hormonal fluxuations. I think the worst thing a teen boy can do is suppress his wild agressions, as they will probably manifest elsewhere in a less directed fashion.

I've noticed that people tend to regard coorelations as cause/effect scenarios. For example (I'm making this up), let's say it was discovered that teenage girls who smoke are 3 times more likely to become pregnant before they are 18. Does it make sense to assert that smoking causes pregnancy? Of course not. I also think the notion that metal invokes insanity is equally unfounded, the 2 may go together but that doesn't mean one causes the other. Of course kids who drink blood are going to listen to metal, what else would they like? Kids will be kids...

Why does modern society always have to apportion blame. Columbine was because of Marilyn Manson, not the fact that the killers were rejected by their year, treated badly and mentally unstable! Apparently there the occult is so big cos of music, how stupid! And what the hell is wrong with having a high occult activities, they should just treat the occult, paganism, wicca or whatever as another religion...
LOL..all that goats blood has made me above picture says "week" and it should be "weak" Oh well. :(
Originally posted by Demonspell
It si scary to think that fundamentalist movements seem to gain more power every year...first the Taliban extremists in Afghanistan destroying sacred two thousand year old Buddha shrines, and now this...Hitler reincarnate.

yea man, sometimes it's hard to believe this is actually 2001.
OK - so here I am at work, listening to metal music.

My guess is , at the end of the day, I'll have less co-workers to worry about. Then tonight? I'll be really pumped up by then. Sure, I'll drink the goats blood. I'll one-up Ozzy and his chomping on the chicken head. I'll seek out and destroy Marilyn Manson.

Then, I'll meet up with Hoser, Satori, Hearse, Foxdvd, and all you other degenerates, and then the fun will really begin.

I guess this wake-up, go to work, go home to be with the wife and kids life of mine has been a cover for the real metalheadme.

Music is no longer considered an art form, but its a vehicle for political and religious beliefs to be fed intervenously through the ears to control the future of mankind. These metal bands are actually programmed by a future Hitler-like leader of the world - music will turn the youth of the world into a violent and destructive force, who will eventually destroy all that is good, and the dark-side will control everything. Start looking down - Satan is coming.
LOL..I hear you metalmancpa wife and kids are just a front...I am going to feed them to Satan in the end..but for now I hide behind them. :heh:
Originally posted by Demonspell
And let's not forget Opeth. One of my idiot friends thinks that any non-English name in metal means that they are Satanic!

Yeah, I wonder what (s)he thinks of those Scandinavian black metal bands who sing in Norse, Swedish or Finnish. That Satan lives here in Scandinavia, obviously.
Did someone say something about sacrificial virgins? just leave those D&D kids alone, dammit!.......oh a female...I get it

hey fox...I want to print a Got Goat Blood shirt...that would go over well with them damn hippies on my campus! whoooooo....that goats blood is STRONG- I'm funk as druck!
Gonna go listen to impaled nazarene and torture small animals as blessing to satan before slaughtering a goat in payment to the eternal forces of other words a typical weekday.....
Any of you computer guys who can do graphics should make up a windows wallpaper with GOT GOAT BLOOD? in the same text....hehehe....juvenile? yes. Funny? hell yes..