Metal Radio App: Heavy Metal Radio Stations in Google Play!


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Jan 8, 2015
Hello people! Glad to be a part of an awesome community like this one.

I would like to inform you about our latest update to the highly popular Heavy Metal Radio Stations free app in Google Play. This app has more than 80k downloads in various Android markets, topping the Free section in most of them in the relative entertainment categories.

Download link:
Heavy Metal Radio Stations

The new update brings brand new and exciting content, such as new stations, way improved visuals, higher quality audio streams and advanced streaming techniques.





Check some of the amazing features of our heavy metal app:

- 135+ radio stations playing metal and all related genres such as hard rock, thrash, doom, black, alternative, progressive, etc.
- Intuitive application design, aiming to provide a convenient yet stylish musical experience
- Backgrounds for each radio station
- Song information available for all the radio stations included
- Each station comes with its logo, if it got one
- Relatively small app size, considering the massive content
- ONE app for ALL stations, not one app for each!!!

We are open to constructive criticism, suggestions and feedback if you have some time to check our app out.