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Oct 29, 2002
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i see that your fan of the genitorturers. have you ever heard of the impotent sea snakes? they seem right up your alley. their website is www.impotentseasnakes.com personally, i dont like them cuz i dont LIVE for that shit. ive had the misfortune(for me) of seeing them twice. the first time was a couple years back on the misfits 25th anniversary tour. well, jerry only and a couple other guys and dez cadena from black flag:headbang: marky ramone played on a few songs as well:headbang: the second time was when stuck mojo played their annual show here in atlanta this past new years. i kinda liked them this last time but thats probably all the free booze they were passing out talking.
Hey thanks for the heads up.

But uh, I don't appreciate your snide little "LIVE for that shit" comment.

I mean, have you heard me make fun of metal fans?
No. I would not do that cuz everyone has something they are passionate about.
My passion lies in erotic art.

Now country music fans, yeah. I would make fun of them.
I think it's those american bastards.

They sucked the jolly joyful canadian attitude out of you, didn't they?
sorry if i offended you. i was just poking fun at what you said over in the genitorturers thread. maybe i should put a :p after it. its all good

oh yeah, i forgot to put this in the above post. theyre quite good musically. they do a really good cover of kiss - i wanna rock n roll all night for their opener. they also tried to get me on stage for some spanking but i wasnt drunk enough yet:lol:

I just had to. :)