Mistress - Mistress


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Mistress - Mistress
2002 - Rage Of Achilles
By Philip Whitehouse

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What happens when members of the noisiest bands in the West Midlands of England (including Benediction, Anaal Nathrakh, Frost, deadsunrising, Fukpig and Frog) get together and play music which sounds like a drunken version of Napalm Death kicking out EyeHateGod jams whilst torching the recording studio?

Mistress, that's what. How these guys ever made it out of the studio alive is beyond me, such is the filthy, malevolent air of spite and disillusionment behind the sadistically suffocating grooves and tornado-like holocausts of this album. There's a similar feel behind Anaal Nathrakh's last album, which isn't surprising since V.I.T.R.I.O.L. of that band (here simply known as 'Migg') provides all the throat-torturing, sandblasted screams throughout.

From the downtuned, EyeHateGod-on-even-more-downers-than-usual sludge of opener 'Bludgeon' to the unstoppable momentum and swirling chaos of 'DVDA' and the breathtakingly misanthropic 'Rebecca', Mistress mix up sludge and grindcore to produce perhaps the finest aural personification of hopeless, drunken rage ever recorded.

Absolutely essential.