Molotov Solution Cover


Oct 26, 2009
Hey guys! I finally have a vacation (About a week long) and of course I get some time to do whatever I want.

So, with my love for the New Molotov Solution album, I decided to cover a part of one of their new songs.. Probably my favorite part of the whole album haha.

Everything was done by me.. But PLEASE NOTE that I've never screamed before.. This was my first time. And I didn't know all of the lyrics so I improvised a lot of them.

I wanted a brutal mix like the original, but a little more comprehensive than the album, as in a little less verby, and a little more roomy!

Check it

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Shit, for someone who's never done vocals before, they're pretty fuckin good.

Dude thanks!! I think I expected it to suck because it was the first time ever, and the low screams started to rasp my voice.. It's pretty fun just listening to a client's vocal track under a microscope... Great way to leard on your own :)
I had a ton of people ask me to upload the drum and bass only version of this.. Here it is:

Also updated the mix a little.

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I must say, I'm not a huge fan of them, but I heard Cruor Viaticus the other day and Putney's mix absolutely blew me away. Your's is sounding pretty good, too.
Not your best mix, IMO all the individual elements don't gel well together. Could use more bass, less guitars, kick a bit less loud, a bigger snare, etc. I know you can do so much more!
sounds awesome! cant wait to see what you get up to on the miss may i album too!
Thanks man! I'm stoked
Jan [MTW];10119972 said:
Dude, your vocals are good! :yow:
Tell me how you learned it so fast!

Thank you very much man. I didn't really learn it.. I just tried it and it worked lol. But producing full time allows you to hear how others do things, on a micro level.